Architectures In And Around Hyderabad

In 1591 Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah built a CHARMINAR which is now a landmark in Hyderabad to memorialize the eradication of plague. The building named from the four minarets present on corners. The minarets provides a exclusive look to the main structure. Every side of Charming is 20m high and all four minarets are 48.7 m high. Charming is manufactured with granite and lime mortar. Large lobby is situated on the top of charming with 45 covered prayer spaces and big vacant space for extra people for Friday prayers. It looks more glorious throughout nights.

GOLCONDA FORT situated only 11 Km afar from Hyderabad City is one of the excellent forts in India. Katydids built a magnificent fort in 13th Century. It was just a small mud fort,but in 16th and 17th century it was turned into a massive granite fort when first three Quota Shahi Kings expanded it to the area of 5 km. Now Golconda has 4 distinct forts and has 10 Km lengthy outer wall. It has 87 circular bastions along with cannons mounted on them. Eight gateways and four drawbridges on the exterior side of fort. Many of temples, mosques, royal apartments and stables are inside the Premises. 'Fateh Darwaza' is main attraction at the entry of fort. A sound of clap can be heard inside the from the distance of 1 Km.

BIRLA PLANETARIUM and the Science Museum situated on the hill next door to Birla Mandir. The planetarium has day after day session in Telugu, English and Hindi. Apart from last Tuesday of every month the science museum is open daily from 10:30hrs to 20:15hrs.

Founded in 1919, OSMANIYA UNIVERSITY with Urdu medium has one of the biggest campuses in India. Nawab Zai Yar Jung designed the building of Arts College, architect of Nizam who studying in several European Universities. The Faculty Buildings are built in Indo European style. The buildings, the botanical gardens and the landscaped gardens are worth to visit.