The Mecca Masjid Hyderabad

Mecca Masjid: It was started in 1617 by Mohammad Quli Qutb is one of the ancient and biggest Masjids in India. In 1694 Aurangzeb completed the construction of Mecca Masjid. Mecca Masjid is positioned near the Charminar. The major lobby of the mosque is 75 feet high, 220 feet wide and 180 feet long Two octadic columns on both side of lobby which are mold out of a single granite rock which carried off 5 years to chisel. Single time ten thousand devotees could accommodate in major looby.

The pond which is situated inside the premises is built with slab seats. It is believed that whoever sits on these seats comes back to Hyderabad. It is also considered among the most sacred mosques in India as it is the abode of many sacred relics which also includes hair of Prophet Mohammad. Mecca Masjid named, as bricks used over the gate manufactured from soil brought from Mecca. Non- Muslims entry are restricted in Masjid. But mosque appreciated for its architectural features.