The Oxford Of The East Pune

Cradle of Maharashtra's legendary hero. The grace of the flamboyant pop mystic or the sex- guru, as he was called. Where the soul of the city lies in its biscuits, abundantly made by artisanal bakeries across the city.  This Queen of Deccan, exemplifies an indigenous Marathi culture and ethos.Those who want to veer away from the noisy tourists, leave Mumbai behind and take the road for a weekend getaway to the famous Osho International Commune, a synonym for yester years' Poona, and the contemporary Pune. No wonder the town swarms with lovers from across the globe.

Pune's pleasant climate and proximity to Mumbai, made it a perfect monsoon capital for the British in the 19th century. Righteously called the Oxford of the East continues to draw students because of its numerous educational institutions.

Pune was the largest military base for the British during the Raj. Though the British did develop it on the lines of an archetypal army town, the town around has grown and changed unrecognizably. But the impression of the legendary fighter remains reassuringly the same. The reminiscent of the bygone colonial British Raj can be seen near the cantonment area in Pune, which also serves as the headquarters of the Southern Command of the Indian Army. The city is also known for the National Defence Academy which is an integrated training centre.
With a handful of temples, Pune is a heritable heartland of cultural Maharashtra. While you may not be looking to absorb culture through every pore, some of it certainly rubs off on you.