The Hub of Wood Industry Saharanpur

Saharanpur is the important commercial town of Uttar Pradesh located in the northern part of  Doab region. This fertile city is situated close to the borders of Haryana and Uttrakhand. It is surrounded by Shivalik hills on the northern side while in the west Yamuna river separates it from Karnal and Yamunanagar.  Haridwar is the neighbor city in the east.  It also serves as the Municipal Corporation in Uttar Pradesh.

It is widely known for its wood carving industry. It is a major export center for wooden artifacts and its woodwork is exported to various countries. The flourishing wooden trade earns this city the title of "Shesham Wood Village”. The skill of carving vine leaf on the wood is very unique and magnificent in itself which is the legacy of gone generations.

The fame of Saharanpur doesn’t confine to wooden furniture only. It is the prosperous market of Basmati Rice. This city is the home of many Agro-Based industries such as textiles, sugar, paper and cigarette.

Saharanpur is also known for Darool Uloom University, a prominent Islamic school of Muslim Ideology.