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Website and Reviews of Unique Identification Authority of India

Khanija Bhavan, No 49, 3rd Floor, South Wing, Race Course Road, Bangalore
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Ashok MR Dalwai
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Alternate Contact No :080-22341611,22340951,22340103, 22340863,22340862,22340865,22340336,22340104,22340104,22341622
Greivance Cell:080-22340864.
Reception No:080-22340104.
Email ID:
Fax No:080-22340310.
Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a Government of India planning commission agency. Headquartered in NCR Delhi. Exclusive recognition venture was originally designed by the Planning Commission as an effort that would provide identification for each citizen across the nation & would be used mainly as the foundation for effective distribution of welfare services
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Reviews of Unique Identification Authority of India Bangalore

I am deepa i want to apply for aadhar card.
chandra Shekarchandra Shekar
my sister has applied for aadhar card, the postal status shows that the card was sent to Bangalore PO and from there to RT Nagar PO and the RT Nagar PO has returned the same without any reason. how to get the AAdhar card now. please advice.
Madhu NayakaMadhu Nayaka
Even m from RT Nagar same problem as above comment, i may get my card if i check in above office..
I have applied for aadhaar card for the month of Sept 12 alongwith my husband. My husband got the card in the month of Feb 13 but still mine is pending. Let me know the status otherwise advice am to apply for another one.
Venkatesh SrinivasaiahVenkatesh Srinivasaiah
Inspite of repeated follow ups there is no information on adhaar number generation on enrolment # 11185011402909 dtd 17.05.2013 time 09:56:03. Even Grievance cell, phones/Personel handling is not responsive in a good way.
am already got Adhaara card but i want to change my communication address...

please guide me...
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