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About Website :- Fax No: 01123275895 Customer Support Email Id: csupport2@wiley.com, Editorial: editorialindia@wiley.com, HUMAN RESOURCE: jobsindia@wiley.com, MARKETING: acadmktg@wiley.com, PR & PROMOTIONS: ptmktgindia@wiley.com Wiley India Pvt Ltd's exclusive lifestyle facilitates start conversation, genuine reviews, and enduring connections. It cure each other with pleasure and regard, as humans first, profession second. The Company communicate its pleasure in its financial success, lifestyle, history, and products by saying that Wiley is the place to be.
Deals in :- Book Publishers, Book Distributors, Computer Book Publishers, Scientific Book Publishers, Technical Book Publishers, Medical Book Publishers, Wiley India Pvt Ltd, Business Enterprises
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Contact Number :-01143630000, 9811089774
Email Address :-delsales@wiley.com
Contact Person & Address :- Vikas Gupta, 4435-36/7, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi
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