10 Best Navratri Recipes For Fasting Days

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By Dimple Kumar on 12 Oct 2021 |
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10 Best Navratri Recipes For Fasting Days

Navratri is a significant festival celebrated across India among the Hindus. It has many customs and rituals related to it and one among them is eating specific food items and dishes for specific days. Navratri is celebrated diversely across India. In the North India individuals fast for 9 days all through and have an extraordinary celebration toward the end of the fasting.

This year, Shardiya Navratri is being celebrated in India from 7 October to October 14. Individuals worship 9 forms of Goddess Durga during the celebration, in this manner the name "Navratri" came into existence. To make your fasting days easily we have a better Navratri Recipes for Fasting Days that you can make during Navratri. Have a look!

Amazing Navratri Recipes For Fasting Days

1. Sabudana Khichdi
Sabudana is full of carbohydrates or starch which provides you the sufficient energy boost while fasting. A light dish made with some Sabudana, peanuts and mild spices. You could also choose Sabudana Kheer or Sabudana vada, which additionally make good Navratri snacks.

2. Kuttu Ka Dosa
In case you are a Dosa fan, this Navratri, move over the typical Kuttu puris and stir up something different. A crisp Dosa formula made of Kuttu Ka Atta (buckwheat flour) with a potato filling. Remember to serve it with mint and coconut chutney.

3. Low Fat Makhana Kheer
The festival inspires a cheer, here's for you low fat Kheer formula made with Makhana and nuts. Enjoy without stressing over the weighing scale! This tasty Kheer recipe will make your fasting even more worth!

4. Banana Walnut Lassi
Charge up yourself with this nourishing drink during the fasting. Lassi made with the yogurt, bananas, walnuts and honey. Drink up this healthy Lassi and keep yourself invigorated through the day.

5. Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla
A new formula that offers you a break from the usual puris and fried pakoras. Steamed dhoklas made with Samvat ke Chawal. A good and healthy foods for fasting, this Dhokla formula is tempered with entire red chilies, cumin, ghee and curry leaves. Enjoy this Navratri fasting extraordinary dish at home and you would not have the option to oppose making it for another event!

6. Aloo Ki Kadhi
Try into the soothing flavors of this light and tasty curry made with the potatoes. Move over the boring and old Aloo Ka falahar and instead thought decide to eat some yummy and healthy Aloo Kadhi and make your Grand Navratri festival even more special.

7. Vratwale Paneer Rolls
A tasty Paneer recipe that you can make and have in any event, during the fasting period of Navratri. Cooked with small pieces of Paneer, potatoes, sendha namak and spices, this is a tasty mid-day snack. Pair it with coriander or some mint chutney and serve as snacks to your friends/guests during celebrations. You can easily have it any time during the day.

8. Arbi Kofta With Mint Yoghurt Dip
Tired out on having potatoes for breakfast, lunch and supper when fasting? Attempt this yummy Arbi Kofta recipe that is an ideal tea-time snack for you.

9. Roasted Makhana
Fasting or not fasting, roasted Makhana are any day hit as a snack. Very simple to make and best wellspring of energy when fasting, what prevents you from a decent crunch munch? Go make it in minutes, so simple!

10. Sabudana Kheer
Sabudana kheer is one more Indian sweet enjoyed by several during fasting. It has a Shahi touch on it, because of the addition of cardamom and saffron powder for color and flavor alongside raisins and cashews for a wonderful crunchy mouth-feel.

Since Navratri is an extremely enormous festival celebrating and worshipping the nine different symbols of Goddess Durga, every day it isn't just about fasting and food yet considerably more than that. Enjoy above mentioned delightful easy recipes to cook for this festive season and ensure you spread the happiness and cheer across loved ones!

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