10 Delicious Winter Soups Recipes That Will Keep You Warm

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By Prabhjot Singh on 26 Dec 2022 |
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10 Delicious Winter Soups Recipes That Will Keep You Warm

Winters have arrived, and we cannot help but think about everything comforting and warm. And when it's about comfort during the winter, there's nothing like having a bowl of soup curled up in a quilt on a chilly night. Soups don't just calm your soul but also are very healthy for the body. What's more? They are super easy to prepare! So, a bowl of soup can always come in handy, whether you are warding off the winter chill or finding a light and easy comfort meal.

As the winter season has arrived, it's time to wake up and prepare luscious warm cups of soups to comfort your body from the winter chill. We will share with you a couple of the best and most healthy soups to prepare at home this winter season and warm up with your loved ones. They are a whole meal in itself, relying upon the ingredients. Add as much or as small according to your requirements, and you can have a quick meal or a snack ready to be savoured. Have a look!

Best Soup Recipes For Chilly Weather

1. Beetroot Soup
Nothing beats this winter vegetable! Beetroot is a winter must, packed with many nutrients. And when mixed with bottle gourd and a whole lot of natural spices, there is nothing that can come close. Beetroot soup can be served cold or hot with a hint of salt and pepper.

2. Chicken Noodle Soup
This recipe mirrors the pure classic Chinese soup with its utilization of ginger, sweetcorn, and chicken, giving oriental inspiration to your mid-winter meals. As a low-fat, high-protein meal, low-calorie, this lighter soup can give some relief from excess yuletide feasting.

3. Carrot Ginger Soup
Carrot is packed with many health benefits that we must reap all through the season, and one of the excellent ways of doing that is by having a warm and healthy bowl of soup. It comes with the added many benefits of ginger, which is well-known to be one of the best natural home remedies for cold, common during winter.

4. Winter Vegetable & Lentil Soup
Another winter special, this soup constitutes four of your five-a-day! It's high in fiber as well as minerals and vitamins, which is best for keeping healthy during the winter and fighting away any bugs and colds. The addition of lentil soup boosts the protein content in this recipe, ensuring you have sufficient energy and strength to keep good working (or playing) hard throughout the chilly winter months.

5. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
This bright yellow soup adds some extra flavour of colour, helping to clear away any winter blues. Though this is a simple recipe, it certainly does not disappoint – the extra dry fruits make it wonderfully luxurious and tasty.

6. Tomato and Jasmine Tea Soup
With the goodness of jasmine tea combined with the tanginess of fresh puree of tomato, this is a perfect and healthy winter soup to make at home. A bit of pepper and thyme herb, along with the topping of truffle oil brings alive the soup.

7. Almond and Mushroom Soup
With subtle flavours of finely chopped mushrooms, butter, almonds, pepper, cream, and milk, this tasty and healthy soup is all you need to have a cozy and comfortable chilly winter evening with your loved ones.

8. Mulligatawny Soup
An Anglo-Indian dish, Mulligatawny is basically a Tamil word that comes to pepper-broth. This delicious and healthy soup is a hybrid of soup and rasam and is prepared with a whole lot of pepper. It is generally based on chicken stock but can also have vegetable stock along with coconut milk, tamarind, cinnamon, and a host of spices.

9. Spiced Root Vegetable Soup
This soup is supercharged with seasonal vegetables, ensuring all the family gets their vitamin and mineral requirements. As the vegetables are in season, they could even be grown at home in the cold and rainy months so that this recipe will look after your wallet.

10. Pumpkin Soup
Some recipes should be kept very simple as nature intended them to be, and Pumpkin Soup is one of those dishes. Pumpkin soup is a classic winter warmer that the whole family loves. The natural flavour of pumpkin is very good enough that you need very small to make a beautiful, creamy, full-flavoured soup.

Try these amazing soup recipes at home during the winter season. So, I guess now you might have an idea about how to make the perfect soups with less effort. Why wait, then? It's high time you get pick one, give it a try tonight and enjoy this summer with a perfect bowl of warm soup.

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