11 Unique Wall Painting Ideas To brighten Up Your Space

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By Palak Khungar on 20 Nov 2020 |
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11 Unique Wall Painting Ideas To brighten Up Your Space

Have you seen how colour can influence your mood? While considering wall painting ideas, the correct room paint colours will have an enormous difference in the way you feel. Sprinkling on a new layer of paint is the quickest, most straightforward and least expensive way to refresh your home insides. Besides simply painting the walls, you can also utilize them as the room's accent or style.

Regardless of whether you are an art collector, a nature fan, or a book lover, your walls can be custom-made so you can be surrounded by the things you adore. Here we will discuss with you some astounding wall painting thoughts that will light up your space at an extremely limited time. Have a look!

Creative Wall Painting Ideas

1. Random Rectangles
Cool, eye-catching, modern, this simple Random Rectangles wall painting ideas will change your home to modern house and for this you will not require any expert decorators to complete this task. Simply pick your favourite colour palette and paint random rectangles in various shades.

2. Stripes And Pattern
For an amazing effect, try painting a stripe or a few on your walls. The stripes don't need to be uniform or consistently vertical. A stripe can run evenly or in a pattern. Stripes can be accomplished in a few different ways. You can paint them, wallpapers them, or even use decals to make this look.

3. Nordic Blues
Blue-grey shades are best colour for the cool, modern and unique wall painting, according to Scandinavian designs, which is a modern furnishings destination organization. Utilize a few shades of Nordic blues to cover blocks of your wall. Utilize painter's tape to accomplish clean straight lines.

4. Metallic Wall Paint
If your bedroom is naturally dark, then metallic paints add a unique sheen to your walls. They require a few coats to apply yet worth the last impact. You can find simple to-utilize metallic paints in an assortment of colours. Metallic wall paint can truly change your room, and this stylistic layout thought is ideal for somebody who needs to want a modern room.

5. Starburst Ombre Wall
Painting a starburst Ombre wall permits you to have various shades of your favourite hue on a similar wall. The best advantage of it is its adaptability. Utilizing a sponge to texturize the hues can give you an interesting turn.

6. Paint The Ceiling
Painting your room roof can make more visual interest. For an intense look, paint your bed's headboard wall as a continuous line that conveys up to the roof. Painting a roof can be somewhat of a difficult task, however, it's justified, it to give your room an astounding effect and it’s all about comfort and making the entire room cohesive.

7. Grey Diagonals
This is one of the simplest wall painting ideas and designs that a make a simple wall to more unique. Painting a plain grey wall with diagonal lines of various thickness and shades makes it a trendy and upbeat vibe. This idea is perfect for modern minimalist homes.

8. 3D Boxes
Add extra different look to your home with some 3D wall effect. This three-tone 3D box design is simple to accomplish. Draft the lines and imprint the colours so you won't get confused. Utilizing painter’s tape will hasten the cycle and guarantee straight lines.

9. Colourful Geometrics
This brilliant and bright geometric design works for homes and is best for rooms where you need a lot of positive energy flowing, similar to the family room or the living room. Its bright hues are captivating, while the diagonal strokes give the design a unique look.

10. Paint Drips
You will never need to worry over the drips, the overpainting and the mess with this design. This amazing wall painting idea conveys an excellent and capturing wall feature. For more modest rooms, you can do one layer of paint applied to the highest point of the wall, right next to the roof and dripped randomly.

11. Patterned Roll Painting
If you have never observed a patterned paint roller, at that point you are in for a big surprise! Patterned rollers are paint rollers that have small designs and pictures formed in their surface like to the stamp does. Behind that, there's a second roller that you dip into the paint. The patterned roller, which is the thing that connects with the wall, brushes against the secondary roller to get paint and afterward stamps it onto the wall as you pull down. This thought makes your home walls more fascinating.

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Utilizing colour therapy in your room is as straightforward as painting the walls. In case you are thinking about bold hues and need to ease into things, start little. Paint a single wall, add stripes or utilize the chosen colour as your accent colour. Above mentioned unique wall painting ideas will transform your room into a dynamic experience as opposed to a stagnant space.

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