12 Natural Ways For Boosting Immune System

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By Dimple Kumar on 01 Sep 2020 |
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12 Natural Ways For Boosting Immune System

Our immune system is the very important part of our body. It fights against all the foreign viruses and bacteria and with time you need to boost the immune system. If your immunity is strong there are less chances of you getting sick. You get in contact with diseases very less if your immune system is working properly. There are lots of immune system booster vitamins in market in various forms.

If your immunity is compromised and your health is priority then you need to take supplements to boost your immune system. Strengthening immunity should be a regular concern, it is not one day affair. On a daily basis you need to take proper supplements to boost immune system. A good immune system may give you a long time happy life, healthy blood pressure and healthy body. So here are some natural ways for boosting your immune system during COVID-19.

Given Below Are Some Points Which Have Dos And Don’ts For Boosting Your Immunity

1. Power Of Yoga
The first thing which should be done by everyone whether you are sick or healthy that is ‘’yoga”. Yoga is the easiest way to keep ourselves healthy and fit. 45 minutes of daily yoga can not only help you give good immunity but it will also give you fit and healthy body and other body system. Some of the yoga poses (aasans) that can help boost your immune system are: Shalabasana (Locust pose), Anjaneyaasan (Low lunge pose), Bakasana (Crow pose), Tadasana (Mountain pose), Krupa chaturanga dandasana (Four limbed staff pose on elbows). So these are few yoga poses which you can do to boost your immune system.

2. Other Side Exercises For Boosting Immune System
Some exercises are also good, if you are not much a fan of yoga and all tough poses then you can do some other exercises. Running will be the first very good option for boost immune system, it increases the oxygen level in our blood and hence helps in detoxifying body from inside.

3. Herbal Tablets And Other Natural Supplements
There are also herbal tablets which you can take as supplements for immune booster. Gehloy tablets are available in market which are known to boost your immune system naturally. There are other herbal products too which can be helpful such as, lemon grass, ashwagandha and etc. but before consuming these kindly consult your doctor or physician.

4. Vitamin C Intake
Vitamin C is also very helpful in boosting immune system. Increase your vitamin c intake you can have tablets or you can also have lemonade, tomatoes, kiwis and other things which contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is very essential for our body and as it is not produced by body itself so you need to take their supplement regularly. It is soluble in water therefore the amount of vitamin c we take gets soluble in water and goes way in form of urination or any other waste. So you keep in mind that proper amount of vitamin C is taken by your to keep your immunity good.

5. Fruits And Vegetable For Immune System
Take fruit and vegetables which helps in boosting immune system. Broccoli, pulses, oranges, kiwi, banana, spinach, tomatoes etc these are some fruits and vegetable which natural boost your immune system. Try to have juice daily with some fruits and boiled vegetables.

6. Tea And Its Useful Elements
Tea is also very helpful in boosting immune system. Ginger is high in anti oxidant properties therefore it can be helpful in enhancing immune system response. Tea are really very helpful in fighting lot of problems like depression, anxiety, stress and sometimes pain. It has many useful benefits which also help as anti aging. That means tea can also keep your aging problems at bay. Flavonoids present in tea are really good our overall health.

7. A Good Healthy Sleep
In some cases immunity can also be compromised because of stress and not taking proper rest. Therefore proper rest or a good sleep is also very important to boost your immunity. Do not take stress unnecessarily and if you are anytime under extreme pressure or stress have a cup of tea and sleep for a while. This gives your body some required rest and keep your senses calm.

8. Balanced Diet For Boosting Immunity
We have seen weak immunity especially in kids and old people this is because their body is not prepared from inside. So it is very important to give extra attention to their meal. What they have in whole day it should be keenly monitored. Their meal should contain complete balanced diet irrespective of their taste and choice. A good meal during your childhood will give you strength to fight your all future health problems and in your old days it will keep further sugar, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems at bay.

9. Sanitation And Cleanliness
Keep yourself neat and clean by taking proper sanitation procedure. Immunity is all about what you eat but it is moreover about how you eat. If you are eating from some damp and dirty place without washing your hands then you are more prone to fall sick. Even if you have good immunity too. Therefore, wash your hands and mouth before and after eating anything, whenever you come from outside wash your hands and legs properly. It is actually very easiest way of boosting your immunity.

10. Right Intake Of Proper Vitamins
Deficiency of certain vitamins can also sometimes interfere with your immune system. Hence it is very important to take proper vitamins and minerals. There are lots of supplements available in the market for every type of vitamins. Consult your doctor for the same and do the needful for your body and health.

11. Supplements Of Vitamin D
Deficiency of vitamin D can be a major reason for a compromised immunity. So to boost your immunity it is also very important to take proper sunlight. Go on early morning walk to have right amount of vitamin D. Usually vitamin D is not naturally present hence it is taken in the form of tablets or shots. So it is very important to fulfil the deficiency of vitamin D in your body either from sunlight or by other immunity boosters.

12. Cure Your Previous Illness
Sometimes some under lying diseases can also be the reason for bad immunity. High sugar level or cholesterol can also be responsible for compromised immunity. Hence keep a proper check on your sugar level and blood pressure. Sugar intake must be completely prohibited for such individuals and a proper diet should be given to the patient. Hence keep checking your body time to time so that any further problem can be treated well.

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