15 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries To Explore In India

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By Dimple Kumar on 26 Jul 2022 |
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15 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries To Explore In India

India is famous for its varied and vast terrain that is home to many unique fauna and flora species. It is also a haven for those who love wildlife and nature. Boasting rich biodiversity and diverse geographical features, this country is home to many numbers of wildlife species. Everyone is a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, and there is something for them.

As you journey across India, you will be amazed by the incredible adaptations and variations in flora and fauna. India has a large number of wildlife sanctuaries, and these parks are home to some exotic and rare species of animals like the one-horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, snow leopard, Asiatic lion, and many more. Below is a catalog of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in India, have a look!

Best Wildlife Sanctuaries In India

1. Jim Corbett National Park- Uttarakhand
Situated in the most beautiful district of Uttarakhand, Nainital, Jim Corbett National Park was set up in 1936. The national park is situated amidst a mixed terrain of deciduous and mountainous pine forests. As a result, Jim Corbett National Park is one of India's most biologically diverse zones. Corbett National Park is home to the Bengal tiger, Leopard, Elephants, Leopard cat, Sambhar Deer, Golden Jackal, etc.

2. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated within the popular Cardamom Hills and around the Periyar River. The Periyar River is a water source for the local wildlife that has made its home in the park. The wildlife sanctuary operates as a protected elephant and tiger reserve. In this park, tourists can do a safari to see tigers and elephants in their natural habitat around Periyar Lake. You can spot many other wildlife species here, like the Mouse Deer, mongoose, barking Deer, sambar deer, gaur, Nilgiri langur, bison, and leopards.

3. Kaziranga National Park, Assam
Kaziranga National Park has massive fields of tall elephant grass, which will leave you impressed by their size. This is why elephant safaris are very famous here and a great way to experience the jungle. Today, the park is recognized as a World Heritage Site and one of the best tourist places in India. It is also the home to two-thirds of the one-horned rhinoceros population in the world. Other wildlife species that are found within the park incorporate the wild Asiatic water buffalo and the Eastern swamp deer. In fact, about 50% of the wild Asiatic water buffalo population lives in the swamps here.

4. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
It is one of the optimal places to view the Bengal Tiger, Ranthambore National Park is situated in Rajasthan and lies between the confluence of the Banas and the Chambal River. Tiger, Hyena, Sloth Bear, Chital, etc., are some of the rare species found here. The protected forests are also popular for their large banyan trees and enshrine a Medieval fort.

5. The Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh
The Great Himalayan National Park is located among the lush coniferous forests of the snow-capped mountain peaks of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the highest-altitude national parks in India. While this park's location is a stunning feature, the emerald meadows in some portions of the park make it one of the most magnificent parks in India. Snow Leopard, Himalayan Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Blue Sheep, and Himalayan Tahr are the commonly found animals in this park. It also houses approximately 181 species of birds and many more species of reptiles, annelids, amphibians, and insects.

6. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh
The beautiful wildlife sanctuary of Bandhavgarh National Park is the heartbeat of the famously known Heart of India, the region of Madhya Pradesh. It has a high density of leopards, Royal Bengal tigers, and Deer. The different sorts of Indian Deer include swamp deer, barking Deer, sambar, and Chital. The ideal time to view this park is between November and April when the bush is green, the bird life is sensational, and temperatures are in the mid 20°C.

7. Kanha National Park. Madhya Pradesh
This is one of the most stunning and well-maintained wildlife sanctuaries in India. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park was established in the year of 1955. This wildlife sanctuary also makes the heart of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, developed in 1974 under Project Tiger. This park came into the public eye due to the intense efforts to save the fast and rare disappearing Swamp Deer or Barasingha. One of the features of the Kanha National Park is Sunset Point or Bamni Dadar, from where you can see the happy sight of cattle grazing in verdant greenery.

8. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra
The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is very popular in Maharashtra and is one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in India. It houses many herbivorous and carnivorous animals like Bengal tigers, leopards, striped hyenas, jungle cats, sloth bears, and so on. It also has rare plant species like axle-wood, which is fire-resistant.

9. Hemis National Park, Ladakh
Home of the endangered and elusive snow leopard, Hemis National Park is a high-altitude national park in the Ladakh region of India. Living in a rugged mountain place, it can be very hard to spot snow leopards, but an incredible experience if you do. Other wildlife here includes the great Tibetan sheep, Asiatic ibex, blue sheep, shapu, Tibetan wolf, Eurasian brown bear (also endangered in India), and various birds of prey.

10. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
This sanctuary is situated beside the Bhadra River; this is a top-notch park that has been placed on the list of the top wildlife sanctuaries in India and is enveloped by dry, semi-evergreen, and moist forests. It is home to animals like Leopard, Elephant, Gaur, Bison, Sambar, Tiger, Porcupine, Boar, Muntjac, and along with birds such as Malabar Parakeet, Great Black Woodpecker, Hill Myna, and Emerald Dove. Offering an amazing nature experience, it is flocked by hundreds of wildlife photographers and explorers.

11. Bandipur National Park, Karnataka
The Bandipur National Park is the most famous among all the national parks in South India. It is the home of many Elephants and many other endangered species. The abundant forest of the Deccan Plateau and the Western Ghats makes this park one of the most beautiful parks in India. The park is situated 80 km away from Mysore and almost 215 km away from Bangalore.

12. Sariska National Park, Rajasthan
In the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Sariska National Park is located. In 1955, this park was declared a Wildlife Reserve due to the large number of Tigers within this park. And, later in 1978, it was declared one of the Tiger Reserve Forests. Sariska National Park was the 1st national park in the world, which was successfully adopted by the Royal Bengal Tigers as their natural habitat. Leopard, Striped Hyena, Jungle Cat, and Golden Jackal are also found in this national park.

13. Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal
Sunderbans National Park is one of the biggest and oldest in India. Situated in the deltaic region of India, this national park also shares its boundaries with Bangladesh. Capped with mangrove forests, Sundarbans is the original dwelling of the magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers. It has the maximum number of Bengal Tigers than any other park in the world. Apart from these, Salt-Water crocodiles can also be found in this park. This park is extremely rich in aqua fauna, avifauna, and reptiles. A few of the other endangered species in this park are Gangetic Dolphin, Hawks Bill Turtle, River Terrapin, and Mangrove Horseshoe Crab.

14. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh
While travelling to the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, most visitors' childhood fantasies will become a reality. Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' is rooted in the natural surroundings of this national park. This park is also well-known as 'Mowgli Land'. Along with more than 170 species of birds, this park has also become one of the most beautiful places for birdwatchers. While Tigers are the most famous species in this park, Leopards, Sloth bears, Wild dogs, and Barking Deer are a few of the other attractions.

15. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the second biggest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. Situated beside the Kali River, it is one of India's most visited wildlife sanctuaries. Black Panther, Flying Squirrel, Elephant, Tiger, and Leopard can be easily found in this sanctuary. Between the wide range of amphibians, Crocodiles are the main attraction of this sanctuary. It is also the best place for river rafting, Bird watching, trekking, and Tiger and Crocodile spotting.

India is not only a place of diversity but also a land of wildlife adventures. I hope you are now excited to explore the national wildlife parks in India. These top wildlife sanctuaries to explore in India offer an amazing experience and attract many people. If you are a complete nature lover and wildlife admirer, then plan a road trip in India with your family, kids, and friends to the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, then you can choose any of the options from the list mentioned above. You will get to experience nature in the most accurate form. Moreover, you will discover various species in their natural habitat. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

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