5 Hidden Truth Behind Fasting During Navratri

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By Palak Khungar on 16 Oct 2020 |
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5 Hidden Truth Behind Fasting During Navratri

Every festival is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy. Navratri is also of that big festival which is celebrated all over India followed by Dussehra and then Diwali. This is the time of big celebration in Hindu culture. The celebration and preparation are carried for almost a month. Navratri is considered as one of the holiest days in Hindu culture. People do enjoy, but also have some Navratri fact to follow. Fasting is one of that Navratri ritual in Hindu culture. Fasting is considered as one of the best thing not just mythological but also scientifically. There are many benefits of fasting and in this article you will come across 5 hidden truth behind fasting during Navratri.

As the name suggests “Navratri” it is the celebration of nine nights. It is celebrated in different styles in different parts of India. In east side it is celebrated as Durga puja, in west it is celebrated as Navratri and followed with dandiya. In some parts it is celebrated simply by fasting and puja all nine days. Hindu believes fasting helps in better meditation and keeps our mind focused. It is the best way to connect with good energy and helps it enter our body.

There are many health benefits of fasting during Navratri and here we will discuss 5 hidden truth behind fasting during Navratri. Every year Navratri dates are varied, this year it will be started from 17th of October and will last up to 25th of October. It is not necessary to keep fast for all 9 days, there are different ways to do that too. Some prefer to keep fast on first and last day of Navratri, while some prefer to do it on first and asthmi (eight day of Navratri). Fasting is not just important but it is also very beneficial and cure many bad health conditions of an individual. But because of COVID-19 outbreak, the situation is not as simple as it seems. Many individual are confused and wondering if they should be fasting at all.

navratri traditions

Scientific And Mythological Truth Behind Fasting During Navratri
Navratri fasting is not all about mythological, but it is also very important as per science also. Below you will see full detail about Navratri fasting reasons and why fasting is important for our body and what health conditions it cures magically. It is not very important to be on fast for all nine days, but it is very important to do at least one fast in a week.

Benefits Of Fasting During Navratri

1. Improves Digestion
Having heavy and spicy food every single day had a very bad impact on our body. It causes many digestive problems like burning sensation and acidity. During Navratri fast or on any ordinary day really helps in improving your digestion. It helps in diluting waste from your body. Eating nothing or only fruits or juices for a day strengthen your digestion and give you relief from constipation and a problem like piles. It keeps your intestine healthy and stomach clean.

2. Detoxify Your Body
Detoxifying body is very important because it removes all the useless elements from the body and gives you healthy and light feeling. Generally we do lot of things for detoxifying our body and fasting is the best and simplest way to do that. You don’t have to pay for it like you have to pay for your herbal teas and drinks. Fasting once a week clear your entire body parts like your liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys. Body really feels light and healthier than before, it is like removing all the viruses and unwanted files from the computer and then your computer works smoothly without hang or buffer.

detoxy body

3. Prepare Your Body For Season Change
Navratri is that time of the year when seasons are changing extremely from summer and rainy to dry and cold. During seasonal change our body also goes through some changes and during this period our digestion also slows down because our body is busy in adapting itself as per the weather. So during all this phase our digestion and body is really delicate and requires more attention and care than before. We must have also seen our immunity is also at risk during this change because whenever season changes we experience cold, fever, congestion in throat and many such problems. So our body needs especial care and diet that is why it is better to have light meals or do fasting during this time of the year.

4. Fasting Gives You Energy
In some parts of the India during Navratri there is ritual of playing dandiya. Fasting keeps your body light and energetic throughout the day hence you don’t feel any heaviness or difficulty while playing dandiya. Dandiya needs lot of energy and enthusiasm and fasting gives you perfect energy and stamina to enjoy dandiya whole night.

Fasting During Navratri

5. Fasting Calms Your Senses
It is said that you must not think anything bad during these auspicious days and your mind should be all clear and free to accept good vibes and energies. Fasting gives you the perfect calmness and peace for all the concentration and peace. During Navratri you should worship goddess Durga and must think of her by meditating. For meditation your mind must be free of all bad thinking and thoughts and fasting is believes not just for detoxifying your body but also detoxify your thoughts and mind. Offers you that peace of mind which you always require to think of god and ask her for your wellness and prosperity.

We might wonder why there are so many rituals of Navratri but fortunately those all have big and very important reasons behind it. Fasting is believed to be the very ancient way to achieve what you desire. It keep you focused on your goal and helps in better concentration. Everything related to mythology is somehow connected to science and truth. As we have seen the truth of fasting in the above paragraphs maybe now it is easier for you to understand why fasting is important and how it is connected to our well-being. It improves bad health conditions and offers better digestion. It is believed that in ancient times also when someone wants to attain peace and calmness in life they start with fasting or by having limited food in their meal.

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