5 Signs To Check If N95 Respirator Is Real Or Fake

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By Amarjeet Singh on 11 Aug 2021 |
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5 Signs To Check If N95 Respirator Is Real Or Fake

Since the pandemic started, hospitals have faced a lack of shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), particularly real N95 face masks. Respirator masks were at first almost difficult to find for individuals at high risk outside medical facilities, who are not given access to the supplies provided to doctors and medical caretakers. Lessening supplies prompted an unreliable retail market, with a large number of fake N95 respirators mixed in with real N95 masks for sale.

The CDC and NIOSH have raised the concern about these fake respirators, yet the information is confusing, tough, and complicated to find all in one place. So how would you tell if an N95 face mask is real or fake? How might you test if the mask you have will really protect you from the deadly virus? Furthermore, where would you be able to find N95 face masks that are real or fake? Don't worry, in this article we will share with you some points that will help you to find the N95 respirator is real or fake. Have a look!

Signs Your N95 Face Mask Is Real

1. NIOSH-approved mask have head straps, which give a tighter fit and more protection against infections and particles. Top notch KN95 respirators additionally have head straps, notwithstanding, some cheaper, but still legitimate KN95 face masks use ear loops. Ear loops don't provide as tight of a seal, so you should add a head strap.

2. If your N95 masks claims to be NIOSH-approved, so first check to see if it has the outside markings displayed in the image above. It should list a verified number, model number, filter class and proficiency level, NIOSH name spelled accurately and the brand name.

3. All NIOSH-approved face mask have an approval mark on the packaging and additionally or instructions. You can check the CDC Certified Respirator List to check whether the mask you own or want to purchase is listed there.

4. Genuine respirator masks are not decorative like cloth masks and normally come in plain colors like gray white, and blue.

5. The genuine respirator contains coating technologies that assistance to lessen or kill microorganisms.

Signs Your N95 Face Mask Is Fake

1. Fake respirators usually have no facepiece markings, for example NISOH and additionally approval (for example TC) numbers on either the facepiece or headband.

2. It has the FDA logo on the packaging box. The FDA doesn't allow its logo to be utilized for items.

3. Utilization of fake approval numbers or taking another organization's approval number. In the event that the approval number doesn't match with any products on the CDC/NIOSH or FDA records or matches an item from an alternate producer, the face mask is fake.

4. It professes to be NIOSH-approved for use by kids. But, NIOSH doesn't approve fake N95 face masks for children.

5. NIOSH spelling is usually misspelled on fake respirators.

Since the COVID pandemic hit in March 2020, everyone has got all around familiar with public health advisories that encourage us to wash our hands, practice physical distancing and wear a face mask in public. While basic, reusable cotton provides offers some protection from the aerosolized particles that can cause a COVID-19 contamination whenever breathed in. But for the highest level protection of everyone is looking for N95 face mask.

These exceptionally designed and tested medical devices filter the air of nearly all particles and offer the highest level of protection. So, now you have the clear idea that how you find the real N95 face mask in the retail market. For more information, visit Grotal, they have registered a verified list of face mask manufacturers.

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