6 Smart Ways To Improve English Speaking Skills

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By Dimple Kumar on 29 Sep 2020 |
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6 Smart Ways To Improve English Speaking Skills

In today’s society it is believe that speaking English is the criteria to judge the education of the person. Even if the person is not graduated or failed in lower classes yet if he speaks fluent English everyone is attracted to that person. We agree or not but we live in a stereotype society who cannot admire the knowledge but they admire the skill of speaking English. Therefore if you also want to show yourself as an educated person you need to learn and improve your English speaking skills. In this article you will get 6 smart ways to improve English speaking skills so that you can also shine and prove yourself in this so-called educated society.

English is an international language for every small and big thing you need to face this struggle of understanding language. Whether it is form filling or attending any conference or meeting you need to buckle up yourself for this challenge by improving your English speaking skills. There are several ways with which you can easily learn speaking English.

Here Are 6 Smart Ways To Improve English Speaking Skills

1. Join Online Classes
Joining online spoken English classes is the best way to learn English speaking. In online classes you don’t feel embarrass while making any mistake and you learn more easily. There is not too much of classroom hassle and noise. You get more exercises as compare to other mediums. Online classes provide you more exercise sheets and practice paper for sharpening your skills. Also while attending online English speaking course you don’t have to go anywhere and you can do house chores and can stay safe at home. Online English speaking classes are safe and more creative way to learn English.

2. Play Online Word Meaning Games
There are many games available online which you can play and learn English from there also. You can also find this game easily on Google. Google provide you this platform where you can easily learn synonyms and antonyms just by playing. There are other games too, like filling up spaces and omitting and editing the sentences. If you want to be creative try to search more such games on Google play. If you are a beginner then also you can download games as per your preference and level. These games will help you in learning more words, solving jumble sentences or words and also in other areas.

3. Read Newspaper
This is very boring and old way which is considered best for learning English but this old is actually gold. Reading newspaper is really not preferred by teenagers these days but this is the best of learning English and current affairs. In many government exams, reading newspaper is advised to students for better performance because it not just improve your English grammar but also increases your general knowledge. With single throw you get two areas covered hence this is the best and the old way to learn English speaking skills.

4. Watching English Movies And Serials
This is not just smart way of learning English but this is also the coolest way. While watching your favorite movie or serial you can learn the language you wanted to. How cool is that you are been entertained while learning. This never happened before I guess that there is fun while learning any language. Well, this is also very effective method, initially you might get some trouble while understanding the concept of the serial or movie but gradually you will start comprehending things.

5. Read Short Stories On Internet
There are many small articles available online which you can read for raising your confidence. As some of these articles are also written by beginners so you get to find it easier to understand and learn things better. Short stories are also interesting and involving so you don’t lose focus and continuity. Short stories are also not much time consuming so you can easily read it and try to write some thing by yourself. Yes, reading is not enough but also trying to write after reading any article or story this helps improving your tenses and other common mistakes.

6. Find New Words
When you have learnt the basic things like sentence making and understanding now it is time to learn new attractive words. The very typical thing with English is that at times you are out of words and there you lose your confidence. It is not that you are not good at English or you don’t know how to speak but you just don’t understand few words because you are not familiar. Well, English language is so vast that it is difficult to know every word but at least we can try to learn new words everyday. For that you need to do one simple thing, write five new words daily with their meaning and try to use them as and when required. This way you can learn infinite words in your whole lifetime. So, learning English is not a one day affair you need to work on your skills daily and have to keep learning every day.

There is a lot of free English speaking course available on YouTube, which you can follow to improve your speaking skills. Today English is not an optional language, but it is very important language. Everyday there are changes and eruption of new words and vocabulary hence it is becoming vast with time. Therefore it is better if you start it early and keep in touch with the new updates and changes. Learning English is not a particular period or time you have to be consistent while learning English speaking skills. It will be best if you do not hesitate to make mistake initially because while learning you will definitely make mistake but this should not disturb your patience and confidence.

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