7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Choose Astrology For A Success

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By Dimple Kumar on 13 Jan 2020 |
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7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Choose Astrology For A Success

No doubt that hard work, determination pays off one day, but why to wait for that one day. We all believe astrology in our ways some in numerology, Vedic astrology, gemstones and many more. Hence, believe and belief is different but roots are the same i.e. astrology. The position of the Planets and Stars plays a vital role in one's life as many times we have seen putting our efforts but somehow results are null. We have seen major changes in life without any visible reason.

What do you think Bollywood celebrities have never faced a major setback in their life? Well, the Bollywood industry is a ground trap for all actors and actresses where few reach the centuries. So, have you give a thought of how they deal with unknown troubles. Well, facts prove that the majority of Bollywood stars believe in astrology and gemstones and wears gemstones for protection. They invest in the best quality and testified gemstones to mollify their stars and succeed in their careers. Many Bollywood stars truly believe in the importance of gemstones which shown by the facts of wearing stones for years.

Let's know 7 stars who strongly believe in astrology and gemstone and never seen without the:

Salman Khan:
Have you ever seen Salman Khan without his turquoise stone bracelet? I hardly recall any single moment seeing "Bhai" without the blue band, being a Salman fan. This bracelet becomes like a body part of Salman khan. Its almost 17 years, he is wearing this band gifted by his father Salim Khan to him. However, this band has seen an astrological fact that is why Salman has never seen without it. This Turquoise band shows the preservative of success, remove anger and depression. For Salman khan, it is his lucky charm.

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Rani Mukherji:
Who not love Rani Mukherji? Well, this undisputed head of Yash Chopra productions has seen many hard times in her Bollywood and personal life. These tough moments force her to move for astrological help as she changes her name-spelling from "Rani Mukherji" to "Rani Mukerji". Also, she wears an emerald in the little finger to control the powers of Mercury. Mercury is a ruling planet of communication and speech which helps Rani to move ahead in her career.

Amitabh Bachchan:
We all know Amitabh Bachchan fame and popularity but have you ever thought how hard he struggles to see the hipe of success. The start of the new century 2000 was not easier for him as he was dealing with destructive fortune. His company went bankrupt, with no films, no money, no company, and legal cases. What was that one thing that changed his debacle into success? Yes, his astrology belief, he strongly believes in the power of gemstones and has seen wearing the combination of Emerald, Blue Saphire, and Opal. This powerful ring shows the strength of Venus, Mercury, and Saturn that boosts success in a career.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan a member of the Bachchan family also strongly believes in the power of gemstones and astrology. She wears gemstones Opal that knows for success, beauty, and prosperity.

Ajay Devgn:
Do you know Ajay Devgn has deleted letters from their names to bring them good luck? Yes, Ajay Devgan became Ajay ‘Devgn’ and suddenly all his movies got success in the box office. Also, he wears a Yellow Sapphire which shows his calm and peaceful personality. Ajay believes in gemstones' powers and Vastu Shastra for well-being, and happiness.

Ekta Kapoor:
Ekta Kapoor is a successful celebrity among the Bollywood stars. She is often seen wearing multiple gemstones and is strongly admired astrology aspects in her life even changes the names of her shows by starting them with a particular alphabet. She wears Ruby that bequeaths the wearer with success and copious wealth. She also gives credit to gemstones for changing her life.

Kareena Kapoor:
You cannot deny the fact that wearing gemstones is so common among celebrities. Take, Bebo, now Kareena Kapoor Khan also has seen wearing Red Coral gemstone. This gemstone has the power to revokes the malefic effects of the blazing planet Mars and leads to wealth and fortune in the career.

We know “Your success is louder than your words" Implies here, we don't have to dig down the concept of gemstones more. Bollywood stars wearing gemstones are doing a marvelous job in their fields as it keeps negativity away and comprises positivity and joyful life. Genuine gemstones with the right guidance bring positive effects on the wearer. It truly brings good luck to those who believe in it with full faith and respect the power of astrology and gemstones. One needs to be very patient to see the positive impacts of the right gemstone to turn things in favor.

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