7 Future Of IT Work Trends Post COVID 19

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By Dimple Kumar on 20 Jul 2020 |
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7 Future Of IT Work Trends Post COVID 19

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life and ways of life of individuals over the globe. The Government has implemented lockdowns to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Work from home is the new reality for some organizations as they struggle to work during these crisis times. Schools, colleges and universities are conducting the web classes to complete the study syllabus. Physical distancing is the new standard in supermarkets, and E-commerce organizations are making Covid-safe deliveries to their clients.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the future of IT work in many ways. Organizations everywhere throughout the world are fighting in this crisis time and innovating work models to suit the current conditions. After post-COVID 19 the manner in which we worked may never be the same again. The COVID-19 pandemic has essentially changed each part of our professional life- from our everyday commute to office travel to our workplace to how we interact with our associates and companions.

The Future Of IT Work Post-COVID 19

1. Increase In Remote Working
An ongoing survey indicated that 48% of representatives will probably work remotely at least about the time after COVID-19 and 30% before the pandemic. As many IT companies shift to more remote work activities, explore the critical competencies employees will need to cooperate digitally and be set up to adjust employee experience strategies.

2. Welcoming Virtual Meetings Through Collaborative Platforms
Over the last three months with employees working remotely, we have understood the power of virtual collaborative and how they can replace in-person meetings. Slowly, individuals also comprehended that everyday tasks can be talked about and addressed to on the web, rather than having present in the manager's cabin to discuss the topic.

3. Employer As A Social Safety Net
Employers will extend their contribution in the lives of their representatives by expanding mental health support, growing social insurance inclusion, and giving budgetary health support during and after the pandemic.

4. Development Of New Top-tier Employers
Preceding COVID-19, associations were at that point confronting expanded employee requests for transparency. Representatives and prospective candidates will judge companies by the manner by which they treated employees during the pandemic.

5. Latest Technology Will Redefine Workplace
The greater part of us are as of now used for video meetings. IT companies day by day developing newer technologies that do work from home more productive and functional. This would incorporate video conferencing subscriptions and new equipment. Simultaneously, there is probably going to be greater investment in security, with the goal that the information and data isn't compromised.

6. Work From Home Will Be The New Norm
The new way of life of work-from-home has just begun, but till vaccine is created, the Coronavirus is going to remain in some structure or the other, so will work from home. The quantity of individuals allowed inside office will reduce for sure.

7. The Sense Of Purpose
Covid-19 has re-established the conviction that individuals are motivated at their highest level when they comprehend that they are contributing to a higher mission or purpose.

Covid-19 has re-established the conviction that individuals are motivated at their highest level when they comprehend that they are contributing to a higher mission or purpose. For instance, after the outbreak, the manner in which some consumer item organizations have discovered inspiration and significance is unimaginable. These organizations have expanded the creation of Sanitizers and disinfectants massively, so that workers who are working in IT companies, e-commerce organizations and many more are safe from the deadly virus. We still do not know when this crisis time will over. However, one thing is without a doubt, work life will never be the same again. We should be prepare for change!

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