7 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Mental Health

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By Dimple Kumar on 22 Sep 2020 |
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7 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Mental Health

Yoga helps in keeping our senses calm and provides good overall health. Physically it keeps your body fit and healthy also it helps in maintaining your better mental health. There are 7 most effective yoga poses for mental health which can be helpful in treating anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. If you are suffering from any sort of tension, anxiety, depression and sadness yoga is the best way to fight all such conditions. Yoga poses helps in maintaining right body postures which gradually stimulates your senses and helps in releasing happy hormones.

Mental health cannot be always considered as madness or mentally retarded but sometimes tension or over thinking can also cause bad mental health. Mental health is the most important because if your mind is not calm and stable you can never achieve what you actually want. Your mental health is connected to your appearance, digestion in fact to all other body parts and activities. If you take too much tension and you are mostly depressed then you are more prone to early ageing. There are many bad effects of bad mental health therefore in this article we will tell you 7 most effective yoga poses for mental health.

Effective Yoga Poses To Improve Mental Health

1. Balasana
Bal implies the child. Asana implies pose. It helps you unwind, quiet down and relieve stress and weakness. The child pose one of the best yoga exercises for mental health recommended by yoga specialists.

2. Anjaneyasana
This asana helps in relaxing your senses and help in better blood flow. Do this pose 5 times a day to get it benefits.

3. Garudasana
As the name suggests that it is an eagle pose. It helps in increasing your concentration and vision. It helps in maintaining calmness in the mind so that you can focus on the actual things. This is very helpful for people who are suffering from anxiety. It also helps in balancing your body weight.

4. Natarajasan
Generally this is known as “dancer’s pose” which means it helps in balancing your mood. It is the best remedy for those who are prone to anxiety and depression. This helps in releasing relaxing and happy hormones that helps in keeping body posture steady.

5. Virabhadrasan
This is known as warrior’s pose which means this pose helps you in maintaining sharp focus and steady body just like warriors. You are always attentive and focused when your practice this pose daily. While doing this pose it is very important to keep your breathing rate steady.

6. Vajrasan
This pose is the very simple and basic sitting posture which can be done easily by kids also. Vajrasan is best known for digestion but is also helps in maintaining mental peace and calmness. This yoga pose can be done anywhere and anytime to bring your senses back to normal. Although yoga is said not be done after having meals but the beauty of this pose is that you can do it even after having any meal. When you are stressed or over anxious simple sit in this pose for a while.

7. Padmasan
This is also a basic sitting pose which helps in improving concentration. In Hindu culture it is also believe that lord Shiva acquire this pose while meditating. This pose provides you overall calmness of mind, back pain, body aches and anxiety. This also provides support to our backbone hence helps make it more flexible and healthy. Backbone is what makes us stand straight and firmly therefore it is very important to strengthen your backbone with this easy yoga pose. This pose helps in meditating and attaining the best position for calmness and peace. Increases concentration and also improves your blood circulation and mood. Yoga workout also provides many health benefits with better curing mental health. This provides you:
Keep you focused
Improves your concentration
Helps in maintaining good mood
Improves your backbone strength
Offers good blood circulation

Any physical activity is good for your body but try to do something which is also good for your mental state. It is equally important to stay mentally fit too. Your physical fitness will of no use if you are mentally not stable. Mental peace is very important to stay focused and achieve any goal in life. There are many challenges that we all face in life but never let it disturb your mental calmness. If you are not calm and stable you will definitely keep on ruining your mood as well as the atmosphere of the place wherever you will go.

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