7 Rules To Follow In Indian Weddings During COVID 19

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By Anu Thakur on 09 Nov 2020 |
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7 Rules To Follow In Indian Weddings During COVID 19

As of the start of this current year, the world as we were already aware it, changed- especially the face of weddings and wedding arranging due to the Coronavirus pandemic that spread it's destroyer wings over the globe. With lives being totally changed, economies falling, and complete clutter, many took the heart-breaking decision to postpone their pre-marriage ceremony. Keeping in mind the safety of companions, family, and guest, alongside endeavoring to stop the spread of the virus, it presumably seemed like the correct thing to do.

In any case, with COVID-19, the hospitality and the wedding industry is confronted with its biggest challenge, which requires new and inventive ways to engage customers and give them contributions that good for this new world. A comprehensive methodology and reclassified cleanliness and hygiene standards in corporate workplaces, partner venues and for staff members are the need of great importance. Event organizers should prepare and intently monitor staff to assist them with adapting to the progressions and upgrade the services gave to consumers. If you are one of the individuals who decided to get married in the midst of the pandemic, standing by to begin another new journey of life with the person you love, here are a couple of rules you should follow during the wedding. Have a look!

Guidelines To Weddings In Times Of COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Provide Customized Face Masks
Notwithstanding hosting a wedding ceremony, it is important that you follow safety precautions and rules. No one knows who could spread the virus. In case, if you are worrying over individuals appearing without wearing masks, make some wedding masks specially made for your guests. This step will definitely safe your family members and guests from the deadly virus and make your wedding more interesting.

2. Change Up Seating Arrangements
Indian Hindu weddings (much like Indian traditions and customs) support closeness, familiarity, physical proximity, and the sharing of delights together. In the current situation, the following things are aren’t possible, in addition to not suggested either. If you are intending to tie the knot during the pandemic, ensure that your floor plan is more spread out and physically-distanced, than usual.

3. Send Weddings Favours Across The Mail
Truth to be told, one of the finest things about weddings are the favours or wedding shagun you get! From bangles in various hues to micro-bindi's, juttis and so forth, there can never be such a large number of gifts. Nonetheless, for a pandemic wedding it is prescribed that you mail favours across to your guests instead. A more secure, contact-less alternative.

4. Spread Love, Not Germs
Try not to feel embarrassed while insisting on taking precautions for your own wellbeing and that of others. A sanitizer or hand wash is an unquestionable requirement. You could install a hand wash/sanitizer station at the passage (or a foot worked sanitizer dispenser to avoid contact), or even provide small care packages to the guests as they arrive, including a mask or personal hand sanitizer.

5. Food And Beverages
While delicious food is as yet top of mind for couples, the way wherein dishes are prepared and served will follow severe security precautionary measures. Most venues have affirmed that they will probably decide on a sit-down plated meal rather than a buffet. This would also mean no long lines and crowds which are a risk. This process should be followed on Indian wedding during COVID-19.

6. Parking Arrangements
In the current circumstance, it is fitting that guests park their own vehicles in the assigned parking area around the venue. Furthermore, guest’s vehicles ought to be parked at a distance from one another to avoid coming in a social contact with other guests. In exact way, just two guests should travel in each vehicle at a time.

7. Reminder And Guidelines Display
As next guidelines, a computerized display or boards stating all the safety and cleanliness rules should be set up as reminders for guests and staff individuals. All staff individuals and vendors ought to go through every day temperature checks and to ensure that they are healthy. Finally, with physical distancing turning into the new standard, it is important to spread awareness about keeping away from any physical touch, including handshakes, hugs or touching feet at functions held at the venue. The ideal method of welcome is presently the traditional “Namaste”.

And last, if you manage to survive physical distancing during pandemic time and follow above mentioned guidelines, you will be able to survive a lifetime together.

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