8 Best Ideas To Make Your Home Office Productive

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By Dimple Kumar on 29 Sep 2020 |
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8 Best Ideas To Make Your Home Office Productive

Work from home is the new trend of today’s working culture. Students, employees everyone is working remotely from home during this pandemic. Before this covid 19 break out only few were privileged to avail this service from offices but now everyone has chance to experience this special opportunity which earlier seems so special to us. No hassle of waking up early, no getting ready so early everything can be done easily and slowly and this laziness has affected our working schedule completely. Not only schedule but this is also effective our productivity. So, what can be done to avoid this laziness and be productive? Here is the solution, in this blog you will get some best ideas to make your home office productive.

We all know the situation of the companies nowadays, people are getting fired so if you don’t want to be unemployed kindly be productive with your office work. This time is not good for anyone but we all have to be little responsible towards our priorities like, job, health and cleanliness. Office work is our priority because if we will not do the efficient work then company will not pay us and hence, we won’t be able to take care of our family.

Here Are The 8 Best Ideas To Make Your Home Office Productive

1. Try To Be In Your Old Schedule
The main reason why we can’t stay productive while working from home is that we get up late and then everything automatically gets delay. So try to follow the schedule which you use to follow before this lockdown when you were going to office as usual. Get up on time, have breakfast timely and then start with office work. Make list what else you need to do today for office as well as home chores. This will help you understanding your schedule better.

2. Do Exercise Daily
This might seem more important as per health perspective but exercise is also important in keeping you productive while working. When you wake up early and do exercise it helps in keeping your body fresh and active throughout the day. Which helps in offering better performance while working and also keeps your mood good while working. You feel energetic even while working from home and your productivity automatically increases because your mind is actively working.

3. Keep Your Working Station Clean
The desk or table whatever you use while working try to keep it clean and tidy. Only necessary items must be present there no useless wraps or plates must be on that table. Your working place at home should also be clean as you keep your office work station. Only laptop, paper and pen must be on that desk or table. Clean table keep you focused and give you positive vibes while working.

4. Never Work On Bed
This is the must; you should never work while lying on bed. You will never be focused when you will be working on bed. On bed you will always feel sleepy and lack of concentration will be there. Always prefer a place where you can sit properly and keep your focus straight on the work. Do not try to work even while watching TV.

5. While Working Keep Your Focus Completely On Work
Some of us while working from home jobs prefer to work with their favorite serial or show. This is a big no because if you will work while watching any serial or TV program your work will be compromised for sure. So whenever you start your work choose a place where your concentration will not get disturbed and with no distraction you can completely pay attention to your work.

6. Take Short Breaks
Home based jobs is now very trendy, we usually take breaks as lunch breaks, loo break but while working from home it becomes a little difficult. This is also true we cannot sit for so long in the same position because that won’t be good for your eyes as well as for mind. Therefore take small breaks and keep yourself fresh. Have coffee or tea whatever you prefer, sit with your family for a while and then after 20-30 minutes continue working again. You can take such small breaks as and when required. When you feel more exhausted and tired go for short breaks and come back with fresh mind.

7. Keep Your Mobile Aside
This is the most difficult thing one can ask for but yes while working you should try to use your cell phones as and when required. Using it continuously will never let you work properly and you will invest most of your time while scrolling insta stories and doing other useless thing on your phones. So it is also advisable to keep distance from phones while working and make your home office productive.

8. Check Net Connectivity Before You Start
Every morning before getting started with office work check all your necessary items. Check for your important documents or paper, check net connectivity so that you don’t have to face any excuse when you start your work. So this prior planning will save your time and also save you from seniors and managers anger.

We should not forget that if company is paying us in this time also then it our also our responsibility that we stay faithful towards our work too. As we can see whole world is facing recession and during this period we all know getting new jobs is really tough. Hence stay productive while work to home so that you don’t lose your earning. Many have destroyed because of job and money scarcity so please be little sensitive towards this issue and make your home office productive.

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