9 Amazing Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

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By Dimple Kumar on 12 Oct 2020 |
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9 Amazing Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

As we grow up our body starts degrading and it mostly effect out backbone. Backbone is the base of our body structure with the help of our back we are able to stand, walk and move. Today not only senior citizens but people experience back problems since very young age. This is all because of our schedule and bad routine. We need to understand the importance of health back and what adverse it can cause in later stages if not given proper care. There are many back pain exercises which you can take care of your backbone efficiently, but yoga is the natural and marvelous way to do that.

Yoga is considered best for all health related issues whether it is breathing problems, skin issues or back pain relief. Yoga can really take care of every health issue within few months. Although yoga start showing its effect after a very long time but it cures problem from within. It attacks the root and give you permanent relief from the problem. Yoga is practiced in India from a very long time and now after its proven good effects, whole world is learning this magical tricks and poses. Every year many foreigners come to India just to learn true yoga and to be its follower. Many developed countries have also trusted yoga as best remedy for any health related problem.

Here Are Some Different Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief Are Mentioned Below:

1. Surya Namaskar Asana
This is very old and practiced not just as yoga pose but also for spiritual and praying god and goddess. In early time it is said all you want to impress god use to stand in this pose until they get what they desire. Surya Namaskar yoga asanas provide required strength to your back even for bearing labor pain. This yoga pose provide strength and energy to your entire body and support your backbone for life. Surya Namaskar for 15 minutes a day can reduce stress, anxiety, improves blood circulation and helps in increasing height.

2. Extended Triangle
This is another pose in which you have to do stretching and helps you in pain relief. All the yoga poses have hidden magical powers you might be thinking how this difficult pose can help you in pain relief but actually these poses do wonders. This pose helps in overall stretching of your muscles (legs and hands and spine). All this stretching slowly helps in alleviating the pain and also helps with anxiety and stress.

3. Downward Facing Dog
It is not what exactly it says, you don’t have to look for a dog rather this is one yoga for lower back pain helps in curing back pain. In this pose you have to stand on single foot and hands then stretch your whole body by balancing the weight of the entire body on that single foot and Hands. This again helps in stretching and cure your pain immediately.

4. Sit And Twist
This is some easy and not so difficult pose, you just need to sit in a proper pose and need to twist your back as much required. Sit and fold your legs then do some mild twisting of your back kindly do not be in hurry. Do not perform all this twisting with jerk, give it time and do this with proper instructions and precautions.

5. Pigeon Pose
It might look simpler but this pose is not so easy for the beginners. If you have back pain or any such problem this back pain yoga pose might be a little tough for you. In this you need to do stretching of the legs along with your back. This really helps in back pain relief and improves blood circulation and flexibility.

6. Cat And Cow Pose
This is simple you have to pose like cow and cat. You have to bring your back inwards and backward position by balancing your body on hands and knees. Have to be like cow or cat and simple have to do movements of your back.

7. Baby Cobra
This not just help in alleviating back pain but also helps in digestion and improving concentration and blood circulation. You have to join your toes and put your body weight on hands. Keep stretching you’re your body and lifting your face upwards slightly. Continue this pose for 3 to 4 minutes and slowly get into ease. People having complaints of nerves tangling and numbness. Well, this pose is the answer for all such problems.

8. Forward Bent
This is also simple you just need to be good at stretching. You need to sit in a comfortable posture then slowly need to lean forward and have to hold your toes without bending knees. Be in that pose for a while then slowly move upwards. This again a complete stretching exercise.

9. Legs Up The Wall
This is the best lower back exercises which we all must have done in our childhood days. Lying down on bed and putting our legs upwards on the wall. This leg up the wall pose not just helps in alleviating back pain but this also helps in blood circulations, helps in improving skin texture and much more. But now we are discussing back pain issue. Simply lie down and put your legs in the upwards direction supporting your back or waist with both the Hands and now stretch your legs in the upward direction. This you can do when you had a very long day in office. This really helps in relieving stress and tension.

Yoga poses are not any joke you need to do them with full care and proper guidance and invest only 4 to 5 minutes for a single pose. Don’t overdo this because it can be dangerous in some cases if taken for granted. Never be in hurry or jerk while leaving any pose because this can make situation even worse. Above are all the best known yoga poses to relief back pain. There are total 9 amazing yoga poses for back pain relief which are discussed in this article.

Yoga are proven to give relief from very old injuries and recovery from very dangerous disease. It is proven more effective than gym, yoga poses are more helpful than gym in reducing weight. If you lose the strength of your back bone then you must understand your body is attracting more problems. There are few things which can also help you to prevent back pain those are, sit properly, always keep your backbone erect, sleep properly and on comfortable mattress. There are few more things which you can follow for keeping you back healthy, like having balanced diet, try to consume adequate amount of calcium in your diet and drink milk daily instead of coffee and tea.

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