9 Best Ways To Keep The Skin Healthy In Winter

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By Dimple Kumar on 09 Dec 2020 |
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9 Best Ways To Keep The Skin Healthy In Winter

Winter brings zero temperatures and weather that can be very rigid on all skin types. And the time of hot coffee and lazy sunshine is here and the winter weather couldn't be prettier. Winter season is the best time for warm soups and spicy tea in our cozy blankets yet it is additionally the time for dry skin, hair fall, dull appearances, and allergies.

Yet, there are numerous straightforward ways to handle the causes of dry winter skin and help keep your skin feeling moist and graceful the entire season, including some simple changes to your daily schedule. In this article, we will share with you some amazing ways that will keep your skin healthy and shiny in the winter season. Have a look!

Essential Winter Skin Care Tips

1. Use Lukewarm Water
It is extremely enticing to go for hot showers when the temperature is down, but if you love your skin, always avoid them. So ever use lukewarm water to wash your face. Hot showers dry your skin rapidly, and if you don't moisturize it promptly, your skin can create cracks and winter eczema. When you clean up your face with lukewarm water and after that apply a moisturizer, this will keep the moisture barrier intact and prevent dryness.

2. Drink Lots Of Water
At the point when it's cold outside, we regularly forget to drink enough water for the duration of the day, and this is the main reason for rough skin. So drink plenty of water. Apart from this, enjoying winter teas, for example, natural ginger and lemon are a superb method to keep hydrated in the winter, you will feel healthy and fresh, hydrated, and comfortable simultaneously. It's a mutually beneficial situation!

3. Moisturise Your Skin
Moisturising is one of the most vital steps that one must do to have sparkling skin in winters. It helps in keeping our skin hydrated and ensures that the skin doesn't lose its natural oil. You can pick plenty of natural moisturizers like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, buttermilk, cucumbers, and so forth.

4. Replenish Your Skin At Night
If you wish to see glorious and healthy skin, you should not forget to replenish it at night when you are resting for around 7-8 hours. Indulge profound moisturizing with oils before you rest so you can awaken with beautifully supple skin. These convenient tips may assist you to get through the harsh impacts of winter and give you sparkling and healthy skin.

5. Add A Serum
Boost the adequacy of your moisturizer by applying a serum beforehand. Serum with antioxidants like Vitamin C and resveratrol help to brighten dull winter skin.

6. Take Care Of Your Diet
Consume a lot of veggies and seasonal fruits. Berries are exceptional sources of antioxidants and vitamins that your skin needs to stay shiny and healthy during the cold weather. Apart from this, also add nourishing food items in your diet like dry fruits, sweet potato, amla, and other fruits will help in boosting healthy skin and body immunity.

7. Avoid Soap
In winter, Avoid soap or body wash that is made with harsh chemicals like sulfate and alcohol, and so forth. You can utilize a well-known brand face wash or oil-free cleanser. Pick such cleanser or face wash that contains moisturizing ingredients like glycerine, aloe Vera, cucumber, vitamin E, honey, and so forth.

8. Apply Sunscreen
Most individuals don't utilize sunscreen in winter. Because there isn't a lot of sunlight nowadays, you can't stop utilizing sunscreen. In winter we are exposed to sunlight for quite a while, so we need more safety from the sun's dangerous rays. So go out of the home or stay at home ever apply sunscreen.

9. Do Exercise
I know it's difficult to leave the coziness and warmth of the blanket and get going on a cold winter morning. Yet, if you love your skin, then at least 30 minutes each day doing exercise. It will pump more blood to your organs and skin. At last, you will get healthy and shiny skin.

Thusly, with some simple tips, we can get healthy and shining skin in winter. So now you incorporate these Winter Skin Care tips into your everyday routine and remember to tell us how it was!

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