9 Dishwasher Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

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By Dimple Kumar on 20 Jul 2020 |
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9 Dishwasher Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Modern gadgets have made our life so easy that we cannot go a single day without them. Even for a day any appliance broke down in our house we feel like paralyzed. It becomes our priority to get it mend by a professional. There are few machines in your kitchen itself on which you completely depend on like, dishwasher, mixer grinder, microwave. And if any of these does not work properly it becomes difficult to work in the kitchen. Thus it is observed dishwasher is the one very important part of modern kitchen.

It is used very frequently and required a reasonable maintenance. In this blog we will discuss dishwasher maintenance tips you need to know about. These easy maintenance tips will help you take care of your dishwasher better. And will avoid regular expense which you give to professional when your machine breaks down. Try below mentioned simple dishwasher maintenance tips during COVID-19 and save your time as well as money.

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

1. First of all always make sure your dishwasher is clean. Because if the dishwasher is not clean then the dishes will always never be cleaned properly. You will always observe that there are residues over the plate and other utensils. After every time you wash utensils check whether there are any leftover in the bottom of the machine. Even check at the shelves, is there any food or oil left. For cleaning the dishwasher rack you can take this one tip, add a cup of vinegar at the top section and start the dishwasher empty. The white vinegar will help hill the germs and oil. It will eliminate the foul smell from the utensils. You can do this in as and when required but preferably do this thrice a week for better functioning of the dishwasher.

2. Sometimes in hurry we do not set the vessels right into their section and get the machine started. This results in unsatisfied cleansing of the utensils and give you bad results. This not just spoil your mood but it also damage your smart dishwasher. If you will not place the exact utensil in their respective place then it will affect the machine and washing mechanism. Which will not be good for the dishwasher. Always place the correct vessels in their designated area.

3. The main problem, why your dishwasher is not cleaning the utensils well. It could be because of the quality of water. The harsh water can leave the residue of the chemical behind in the surface of the vessels and on the dishwasher. The inner steel coating of the dishwasher can also get serious damage due to the harsh water chemical. To avoid this you can add water softener device with the machine. You can also use the white vinegar and lemon to clean the interior of the dishwasher. Just add the vinegar and lemon juice in the top section and run the machine it will clean out all the harshness.

4. Whenever you are taking out the vessels from the dishwasher. It is important to start from the bottom shelf. It is because when you take out vessels from upper shelf. The water left on to them (the vessels of the upper shelf) after wash shed off on the vessels in the lower shelf. It is also given in the guide when begin to use the dishwasher. We know that dishwasher price is high so it is important you to read the guidelines given along with the dishwasher service center to avoid damages and heavy maintenance dishwasher cost.

5. It is also important whenever you use the dishwasher always wipe the bottom and the side walls of the machines. The water droplets left can leave the dishwasher moist and sometimes it may also give foul smell.

6. Whenever you are using dishwasher whether it is on rinse mode or any smart mode. It is primarily important to put the leftover food in the dustbin. Scraps the side of the vessels if something is sticking to it. Never place the utensils with food scraps and left stains of curry. Follow the guidelines given.

7. It is also believed very old detergent or dishwasher bars is not good to use in the dishwasher machines. Always try to use the bars or detergent within a month or two. The older detergents are harsh on the machines and it also do not work properly for cleaning the utensils.

8. Always keep your house water tanks clean and hygienic. The water in the tanks are the very main reason for the dishwasher to perform properly. If the tanks are not clean and hygienic. The water what dishwasher will fetch will also be not clean. This will result in malfunctioning of dishwasher as well as improper cleaning of utensils. And for this every month you need to get your dishwasher to be checked by the professional.

9. Never let the vessels to be had in the dishwasher for longer period. Whenever you need to use dishwasher. Place the dirty cutlery and run it immediately. Never leave cutleries in the dishwasher in the thought of cleaning it later. It will create foul and unhygienic atmosphere in the machine and your machine can get down easily.

Regular dishwasher maintenance is important to keeping it running clean so your dishes come out clean. So try above mentioned tips and keep your kitchen safe and germ free.

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