9 Effective Home Remedies For Typhoid

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By Dimple Kumar on 04 Nov 2020 |
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9 Effective Home Remedies For Typhoid

Typhoid fever is a bacterial disease, which is caused by salmonella typhi bacteria, resulting in high fever and gastrointestinal issues. It for the most part happens after the consumption of contaminated water and food. Also, significant reasons behind typhoid are poor unhygienic and sanitation conditions. The symptoms of typhoid fever are loss of hunger, body pain, skin rash, pink spots, and so forth. Sometimes the fever even reaches up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which can’t be brought down by medications.

In such extreme circumstances, the individual enduring with typhoid fever should be admitted to hospital. Individuals generally get a typhoid vaccine as a safety precaution to stay away from the typhoid infection. Yet, the injection can just help for certain years to keep us from getting infected by the bacteria. In this way, it is important to eat well and nourishing food consistently to build the body’s immune system. The consumption of healthy food will keep you safe during the fever even. Aside from that, there are a couple of home remedies also, which you can follow during the typhoid fever. Look at them below.

Home Remedies For Typhoid

1. Stay Hydrated
Illness like typhoid often leads to dehydration. Remain hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids, for example, water, fresh fruit juices, and other healthy liquids. Water helps us remain hydrated, and it is critical to keep up water levels for living a healthy life. Typhoid may also cause diarrhea; so, the intake of fresh juices will help in disposing of toxins and other waste materials from the body. It also gives the nutrients needed to boost your immunity.

stayhydrated remedy

2. Cloves
Clove is one of the best home remedy for typhoid. Essential oils of cloves have incredible antibacterial properties which are very powerful in killing the bacteria causing typhoid and comfort your discomfort happening because of the vomiting and diarrhea, which are known as two basic symptoms of the condition.

cloves remedy

3. Guava Leaves
Guava leaves contain astringent properties and are useful in diminishing the mucus, forestalling the activities of microbiota, and cleaning the respiratory tract, lungs, and throats. Consequently, they are capable of curing a cold, fever, or cough caused by typhoid. Moreover, guava is also rich in nutrient C and iron, which makes them ideal for the people who suffer from a cold or any viral infections.

guava remedy

4. Bananas
Eating bananas can alleviate fever and deal with diarrhea. Bananas are also considered as effective home remedies for typhoid. Actually, bananas involve a soluble Fiber known as pectin, which endorsements the absorption of fluid in the intestines, in this way helps in reducing diarrhea.

banana remedy

5. Garlic
Garlic is rich with a wide assortment of health benefits and can be incredibly useful for relieving typhoid fever. It contains antioxidants and act as a blood purifier. It helps the kidney to flush out undesirable substances from the body and purifying the system.

garlic remedy

6. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple vinegar has acidic properties and is a decent home solution for typhoid fever. It brings high fever down as it draws out warmth from the body of the individual suffering from typhoid. It contains minerals, which are critical for an individual who is sick and is losing nutrients due to diarrhea.

applevinegar remedy

7. Coconut Water
Coconut water is additionally one of the effective home remedies for typhoid. Indeed, coconut oil is notable for its sources of minerals, for example, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, magnesium, fats, and carbohydrates, which mean it provides constant energy for your body. Energy is the most fundamental for your body when it has been altogether lost during typhoid fever.

coconut remedy

8. Basil Leaves
Basil leaves, also found in Ayurveda, are very regular among home remedies for typhoid fever. They can heal swelling and joint pains. It also comes with bacterial properties. Basil can be eaten by imbuing with tea or boiling in water and you can also add some honey to it.

basil remedy

9. Oranges
Oranges are additionally listed as best home remedies for typhoid. Oranges contain a wide range of nutrients and minerals alongside water, which makes them ideal for boosting the immune system. Apart from this, oranges also offer a cooling impact which offers a positive alleviation from the discomfort and anxiety coming about because of the typhoid fever.
oranges remedy

Consult a doctor and utilize the home cures as an adjunct treatment. With appropriate rest, clean water, light food, and patience, the patient will recover rapidly. Since you know above mentioned 9 home remedies for typhoid, ensure you follow them when you happen to suffer typhoid fever.

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