9 Golden Rules For Celebrating Diwali During COVID 19

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By Karan Bolar on 12 Nov 2020 |
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9 Golden Rules For Celebrating Diwali During COVID 19

Diwali is among one of the most anticipated festivals for us all. In the South, in the North, among youthful and old, companions and family- we all find ourselves waiting with enthusiasm for the celebration of this 5 day festival each year! It represents new beginnings, a new start and personal development. For most of us, it's the festival of crackers that we look forward to. For other people, it's the celebration of delicacies! For those of us who stay away from home any reason, it is the one and only reason to do that yearly outing back to one's family.

The celebration of lights, Diwali is around the corner. Every year individuals energetically wait for the happy season since they can meet their loved ones and can organize some parties. On the celebration day, the most of the individuals love to visit their family members and close friends. However, this year, it is a strict no. The Covid-19 has changed the image of whole globe and festivals are being celebrated in a varied way in 2020. This year, the festival of light will be celebrated on 14th November (Saturday). This day denotes the start of the New Year in the Hindu calendar. It is additionally celebrated on the day of the new moon or Amavasya.

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Yourself Safe During Diwali in COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Maintain Physical Distancing
Yes, we know Festivity is about affection and strengthening bonds. On this Diwali celebration, try and adjust to the new normal and try not to meet individuals physically. It is suggested that you celebrate Diwali this year staying inside generally. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are meeting somebody, fold your hands in Namaste or welcome in any other way without a physical contact.

2. Don’t Forget To Wear Your Mask
It is important to be responsible and avoid potential risk. Coronavirus pandemic this year has made the utilized of face mask necessarily. Subsequently, every time you step out, remember to cover your nose and mouth to spare yourself from getting infected.

diwali mask

3. Don’t Use Sanitizer Before Lighting Candles And Diyas
Avoid utilizing hand sanitizers which are alcohol based prior to lighting candles, Diyas or any such thing. This is on the grounds that sanitizers are inflammable and can cause fire risks. It is suggested by the specialists that you wash your hands with open and water prior to doing anything which includes lighting a fire.

sanitize hand

4. Keep Sanitizer Away From Fire
Sanitizer bottles are basic in the family unit and individuals keep it handy because of avoiding the germs during COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, since most extreme sanitizers are alcohol based, they can easily catch fire. Thusly, keep your sanitizer bottles on a safe spot.

keepaway fire

5. Keep Water Handy
Rather than carrying sanitizers wherever you can consider carrying water and paper cleanser rather. Since they are more secure and you can undoubtedly wash your hands anyplace without the danger of catching fire.

6. Don’t Order Food From Outside
From numerous days, the vast majority of the people are not having food from outside and it recommended that don't take an opportunity to order food from outside on the celebration day. Attempt to cook some unique recipe at your home. Consuming eatables from outside may expand the risk of infection.

notorder food

7. Keep Proper Ventilation
It is a quite significant thing to follow that try to keep the windows open so that there will be appropriate ventilation and it allows the air to circulate through the house. Doing so will the keep the area fresh and your Diwali celebration safe.

8. Avoid Bursting Crackers
This Diwali, say no to firecrackers or any type of burning waste, particularly the dry leaves in a public garden or a bonfire, as any type of smoke can trigger serious wellbeing worries in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which is still active.

avoid crackers

9. Elderly To Stay Indoors
Especially elderly should remain inside to avoid cold temperatures outside. Individuals of all ages ought to keep away from physical congregations. Instead, meet families and companions in the virtual space. Remain well with the ‘better normal’.

elderstay inside

Staying inside home, maintain physical distancing this Diwali is a good alternative since we are all aware of the truth that COVID-19 is a respiratory disease. Finally, I would like to say that you should avoid bursting crackers and follow above mentioned points.

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