9 Mistakes That Need to be avoided during Pitru Paksha

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By Dimple Kumar on 24 Sep 2021 |
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Recent Blogs | Festival | 9 Mistakes That Need to be avoided during Pitru Paksha
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9 Mistakes That Need to be avoided during Pitru Paksha

An Adherent of Hinduism performs numerous rituals and customs for the peace of the spirit of their predecessors. Hindus offer water and food (Tarpan) in the time of Pitru Paksha for the salvation of their progenitors. As per the Hindu calendar, it is a lunar period of 16 days spread over the months of the Ashwin and Bhadrapada. This year Pitru Paksha will be started from 20 September to 6 October.

During this time, Hindus remember their precursors and perform customs like Pinda Daan, Tarpan, and Shraddha. It is accepted that observing Pitru Paksha blesses Hindus with the blessings of their progenitors to achieve progress, joy and success. The holy book of Hinduism (Bhagavad Gita) completely describes the mistakes that ought to be avoided during Pitru Paksha. As per religious and the scriptures, Hindus are expected to avoid the under-mentioned mistakes during Pitru Paksha. Have a look!

Things That Should Be Not Done During Pitru Paksha

1. Say No To Non-Vegetarian Food
Veggie food ought to be consumed during the time of Pitru Paksha. On the off chance that if you consume non-vegan food and liquor during the 16-days lunar period, then, at that point, it might upset the departed soul and you are probably going to confront trouble.

2. Don’t Forget To Feed The Animals Or Birds
In the event that any animal or hen includes your entryway throughout the Pitru Paksha, you should offer meals to them. It is accepted that predecessors come to fulfill you in the kind of animals and birds. On the off chance, if potential, it is ideal to offer meals to cows and crows all through this period.

3. Try Not To Serve Food With A Single Hand
During the period of Pitru Paksha, never serve food to Shradh Brahmins with a single hand as it is considered that the evil forces take away the food and nothing goes to our precursors (since the predecessors accept food through Brahmins). Always hold food plate and dishes with both the hands while serving.

4. Shradh Brahmins Should Not Speak While Eating
Brahmins who eat the Shradh food are advised not to talk while having food. Be it a commendation or a complaint, they ought to try not to talk as the precursors who get the food through Brahmins get upset and leave without accepting their descendants offerings.

5. Never Use Banana Leaf
Shradh meal ought to never be served on a banana leaf. All things considered, use plates made of gold, silver, bronze, copper or a typical paper plate. Silver is the most suitable metal since silver destroys negative powers and satisfies the progenitors completely.

6. No New Beginning
As Pitru Paksha time is considered inauspicious, thusly it is advised not begin anything new. Nothing new thing ought to be purchased by the family members or get any good news conveyed during this period. Any auspicious work like engagement, marriage ought not to be done during Pitru Paksha by any means.

7. Do Not Forget Your Near And Dear Ones
Remember to invite your close family members on Shradh and serve them with your own hands. For instance, in case you are performing Shradh, ensure that you invite your sister alongside her husband and kids. The whole family giving proper homage to the predecessors makes them very cheerful and satisfied.

8. Never Perform Shradh At Another Place
The holy places to perform Shradh are Rishikesh, Gaya, Prayag and Badrinath. If you can’t visit these spots for Shradh rituals, then, you can perform Shradh in your home veranda or any open space. One should not perform Shradh rituals at another person's place as it upsets the precursors, and they stay dissatisfied with their spirit still meandering in the expectation of attaining freedom.

9. Don’t Carry Out Shradh Rituals In Shuklapaksha
It is advisable not to perform Shradh rituals in Shuklapaksha (in the evening or night) since it is accepted that the offerings made in Shuklapaksha reaches at negative forces and not to our revered predecessors.

This is the period at which our predecessors and progenitors go to the Earth. During this time, it becomes very simple to happy them. So, avoid mentioned mistakes and make their souls attain peace and get their blessings.

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Dimple Kumar


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Excellent article. For people like me who are extremely inclined to make these spiritual process but no knowledge. Thank you so much for this wonderful information!

14 Nov 2021
shubham kumar

Very useful information, Thank You, keep it up guys!

04 Oct 2021

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