9 Unique Ways To Improve Email Bounce Rate

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By Amarjeet Singh on 14 Jun 2021 |
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9 Unique Ways To Improve Email Bounce Rate

Email marketing is a significant engine for any business. It is one of the simplest ways to engage with clients, past, present, and future. Email marketing has an excellent ROI (return on investment) when set up efficiently. The results of email marketing campaigns are crucial to note and may shape your future endeavours based on both successes and failures.

The mail marketing bounce rate is generally a measurement system that calculates the number of emails returned to sender. Hard email bounce rate is sufficient to undermine all your efforts. What is even terrible is the fact that a hard email bounce rate might end up resulting in your email sending account being suspended or closed. Today in this article we will discuss with you that how you can improve email bounce rate, Have a look!

Easy Ways To Improve Email Bounce Rate

1. Keep Your Subscribers List Updated
Normally, the email bounce rate happens on the grounds that your email list is either old or too cluttered to distinguish between significant or irrelevant emails. Hence, it is important that you keep your mailing list clean and updated by keeping in contact with your subscribers. Additionally, try to give an alternative to unsubscribe or update preferences. In any case, don't simply begin cleaning your list after just your first email campaign. Else, you will end up investing a lot of time and resources in re-establishing your email sender notoriety. Instead, update or clean your email every 6 months.

2. Verify The Email Addresses
One of the finest and most dependable ways to decrease email bounce rate is by ensuring already that all the email addresses in your email list are legitimate. Indeed, your email marketing endeavors will charge best if you check the email addresses before adding them to the email list. On the off chance that you don't follow this step, you will end up being faced by hard email bounce rate.

3. Only Use Permission-Based (Opt-In) Email List
The easiest way to stay away from email bounce rate is by trying not to send the emails to somebody you have not taken permission from. But, if your subscriber didn't pick in to be on your mailing list, the odds are that they will check your email as spam, which may damaging your email notoriety and inevitably would essentially bring about expanded email bounce rate.

4. Speed Up Your Page Load Time
How significant is mail speed to clients? Well, customers expect a mail page to lead in 2 seconds or less. Following 3 seconds, customers will no longer wait for your mail to load. They will simply proceed onward to your competitor's site. The more slowly you’re landing pages load, the maximum your bounce rate will be. Furthermore, Google is additionally concerned about site speed, if your mail is consistently slow to load, bringing a higher bounce rate.

5. Be Consistent With Your Emails
The more steady your email sending plan, the better possibilities you will have in getting rid of email bounce rate. The major explanation for this is that if you are too late in sending an email, your subscriber probably won't recollect that they had consented to get the emails. Subsequently, they may end up marking you as a spam. In this manner, to eliminate with such possibilities and to avoid email bounce rate, ensure that your email marketing campaign is regular.

6. Write Quality Email
You are sending your emails to your prospect so ensure that your content is written as per your audience. Compose something that your recipient wouldn't see any problems with reading. Incorporate a catchy subject line, email content and pictures alongside to make it more interesting to read.

7. Avoid Creating Spam-Like Emails
As clear as it sounds, ensure that the content of your email does exclude spam-like words else they may be consequently treated as spam by filters. Spam filters change their strategies over time, so keep an eye on your email layouts, links and content to avoid spam filters.

8. Do Not Use Free Sender Domains
In the event that you are utilizing free email domains like "@gmail.com", the odds of your email being marked as spam by filters increases multifold. Accordingly, your email bounce rate also increases after your email marketing notoriety gets soiled.

9. Continuously Test Your Emails
Each business technique works out the best if you learn from your past disappointments. The same occurs in the case of email marketing methodologies. What probably won't work out today, may turn out to useful tomorrow. Consequently, the most ideal approach to handle this radical problem is by continuously exploring different avenues regarding A/B testing. So, routinely test email to improve the email bounce rate.

Follow the above mentioned marketing tools and see an extreme change in your email delivery. In the event that you follow these 9 unique ways to diminish email bounce rate, definitely you will have a low email bounce rate.

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