9 Ways To Protect Your Business From COVID 19 Scams

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By Dimple Kumar on 16 Sep 2020 |
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9 Ways To Protect Your Business From COVID 19 Scams

Covid 19 has ruined many lives and brought economy of all the nations very low. As if it is not enough what this virus has done to the mankind but people making it even worse by taking disadvantage of this pandemic situation. As many companies are allowing to work from home and this brought many complications to the company and to the employees. Do not trust all the software just for present need you have to understand the situation and stay at bay from Covid 19 scams.

There are many fraudsters and hackers available who can easily fool you with fake software and applications. During this pandemic situations many business are been targeted and become victim of these covid 19 scams. Don’t worry this article will guide you in different ways to protect your business from Covid 19 scams and you can move freely with your business ahead.

Below Are The Ways To Protect Your Business From COVID-19 Scams

1. Thoroughly Check The Identity Of The Company
Whenever you are trying to tie new relationship with new company or business always do check the complete identity of the company. Just for the sake of benefit do not get yourself into trouble. The time is not good that we all know but little patience and wisdom should prevail for better future of the company and business. So either involve yourself into new tie ups with full clarification or just take sometime to get into new targets. This will really help you for protecting your business from COVID-19 scams.

2. Do Not Believe All Advertisement
We must have seen so many links or advertisement where people request for covid 19 patients but all links are not safe. There are few hackers who take advantage of you innocence and whenever you make any transaction for the help that money directly go into the hackers account. You must have done this for genuine reason or for your business reach but just take full precaution before believing any such fake links. Sometimes in order to make your business recognized among others we do such charity things but at times we should be cautious.

3. Always Trust Official Websites For Covid 19 Information
Whenever you need any information regarding Covid 19 you must trust only government website or information given by WHO. If you are getting any information regarding business during this Covid 19 period do not trust them blindly do cross check with other websites and sources. There are many fake news which can make your business suffer, any information of lockdown will be given on news if required. Do not trust any fake news and later you suffer, so it is better to take information from right source or websites.

4. Fake Business And Branding
During this Covid 19 many people have confirmed that they have found the antidote for Covid 19 but unfortunately this is all fake. If there will be any right dose or treatment available WHO will publish on their website. So do not trade with such fake companies. If you have pharmacy business then you must be extra vigilant do not sell any drug or medicine without actual confirmation. It can further be very dangerous for your business. If you get any such news firstly try to contact the right person or in case you find it fake then directly go to police.

5. Activate Anti-virus All The Time
Whenever you are working on laptop or computer always make sure that your anti-virus is activated. In order to save you’re confidential and important data it is really very important. There are many malwares which can either delete your data or can transfer your confidential things to others account. Be cautious while doing any work on your system and keep your anti-virus up to date an activated all the time when you are working.

6. Avoid Useless And Unwanted Links
While we are working we have seen many notification or unwanted links covering our data. Never try to open them or “ok” them. Always simply just cancel them or cut it to continue with your work. Such links may not be safe. Might contain viruses or malwares which can damage your laptop and you can lose important details and information related to your business.

7. Train Your Employees
Train your employees means that you should tell your employees that how they can work from home without any official data breach. It is very important if employees are working from home that accidentally also they should share any information with anyone. Even if they are working from home their work and responsibilities towards the company is same. They should always use the best tool to protect their work or data. Do not share your official ids with anyone, do not use FB or other social media websites while you are working. Do not use official website other than official work.

8. Enable Security Tools
This has been discussed before but it is actually very important to save your confidential data. Anti viruses are not enough but there are other tools available online which can be helpful in protecting your business data from Covid 19 scams. Enable them on your system or laptop can you can enjoy safe working and no fear of data breach.

9. Do Not Be Too Impatient For Covid 19 Vaccines And Medicines
People who have business of medicines and drugs they are really very excited if they can get any information for Covid 19 vaccine or medicine. But in that craziness do not make a foul decision which can cost your business a heavy amount. Try to look for the antidote but do not lose your wisdom just in making business. Firstly check the credibility and the quality of the medicine or drug then take any chance. Do not trust everyone and everything be selective and wise for the sake of your business.

All are going through really bad phase many have lost their jobs and many business are ruined because of this Covid 19. But this is not the time to complain rather it is time to stand firm and take strong decisions. Do not be too curious or impatient regarding your business just act as per the time. Right now time is not good so take every step according to that.

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