Amazing Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous on This Karwa Chauth

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By Shabnam Thakur on 11 Oct 2022 |
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Amazing Beauty Tips to Look Gorgeous on This Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a celebration of womanhood and the relationship between a husband and wife. Every woman wants a special touch to look beautiful for her significant other on this special occasion, despite fasting all day. The joy around Karva Chauth is such that it outshines the tiresomeness caused by the absence of food. Every woman dreams of being dressed up as stunning as they can.

Many customs are involved in this day that incorporates an array of delicious food, the sargi from mother-in-law, various gifts, and the whole mood of festivity, making the day an occasion to remember and cherish for the entire year. No doubt every woman wants to look their best even though they fast from dawn to dusk. There are many ways to get a stunning complexion on this auspicious day without getting tired. Read on to know more about how to look gorgeous on your Karva Chauth.

Tips To Look Beautifull On Karwa Chauth

1. Pre Karwa Chauth Diet & Drinks
Though it is a one-day festival, the day takes a heavy toll on the health due to the fasting. Therefore, try to eat a good healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables for at least a week before this occasion. Add various detox water to your diet to flush out the toxins from the body. This preserves your health and adds a natural glow to the skin. Avoid all sorts of junk food and aerated drinks to keep yourself healthy.

2. Face Mark For Skin Brightening
Your kitchen has many ingredients to use as a face mask to brighten and glow your skin during the festive season. For example, you can utilize tomatoes to remove tan and turmeric to get a glow. You can solely use these natural ingredients or mix them to prepare a homemade face pack for skin brightening. The glow you get through such an herbal face pack is more remarkable and long-lasting than the one you get with makeup. Start using this face mask at least one week before Karwa Chauth to get healthy, radiant skin on your special day.

3. Consider Yoga
Yoga typically isn't aerobic and doesn't cause weakness. Heavy exercising before Karva Chauth causes fatigue and dehydrates the skin, making you look tired and dull. Instead of hitting the gym, try the basic yoga postures and breathing exercises in the leisure of your home. This will give you some stamina while fasting as well as healthy skin which is free of blemishes. As Yoga also aids in digestion, it is advisable as fasting is followed by consuming various rich dishes.

4. Take Care of Your Hair
For the celebration, your hair must look beautiful and shiny, as with the styling comes a lot of harm caused by the heating equipment. To make those rough locks shine even more, give yourself a pampering hair massage with coconut oil. Dip a towel in lukewarm water and swathe it around your hair for at least 15-20 minutes before washing it off. After shampooing, rinse off the conditioner with semi-hot water to get the perfect look.

5. Hairstyle
Every Indian woman is blessed with long cascading hair. If you have long hair, go for stylish braids like a wide fishtail, regular French braid from the top section of the hair to add volume, side braid, waterfall braid layer, etc. You can also try various bun hairstyles with medium hair, which look fantastic with traditional outfits. You can also try the puff in the front portion of the crown area, create a messy bun and decorate it with subtle hair accessories. Do not forget to set the hairstyle with a spray that keeps the styling intact throughout the day. Always use a conditioner and leave in serum after hair wash to have manageable and frizz free hair.

6. Choose Your Couture & Carefully Accessorize It
Women generally wear traditional outfits for this occasion and, therefore, choose the color of your outfit as per your choice. Traditional ethnic outfits look the best in the hues of reds, maroon, pink, green, or blue with golden or silver fine work on them. After the outfit, next comes the accessories, as traditional wear is totally dull without them. If you are going for chunky earrings, go subtle on the neck or vice versa, as it will prevent you from looking overboard. Do not forget to add bangles which are a must-have for this occasion.

7. Select Best Mehndi Design
Mehndi is symbol of Karva Chauth. This occasion would be incomplete without designing your hands and legs with Mehndi. Selecting the best Mehndi design can make your hands and legs look even more attractive. Ensure you get the Mehndi done at least two days before getting the perfect deep colour. Once the Mehndi is done, try not to work with too much water as the design will begin to fade.

Karva Chauth is all about for a good mood, and nothing makes women feel better than proper dressing, especially while doing something special for their husbands. Be it clothes, jewellery, or makeup, everything adds to the feel-good factor on this day. So, keep these tips in mind, and feel gorgeous like never before this Karva Chauth.

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