Amazing Tips To Decorate Kids Room As Per Vastu

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By Amarjeet Singh on 01 Aug 2022 |
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Amazing Tips To Decorate Kids Room As Per Vastu

Everyone requires a sense of connection and care with their home and family. Creating a good personal space for every individual, especially children, is particularly significant for fostering this sense of connectedness within the family. The significance of keeping the right things in the proper place is very important, and it expands ten folds when it comes to a child's room. There's an ancient Science behind choosing the perfect furniture, wall colour, and even the placement of everything, right from study table to mirrors.

But just as placing the proper objects in the right place can bring happiness, similarly, putting them in the wrong locations can bring discomfort. According to Vastu Shastra, Vastu is essential in helping fill our children's bedrooms with positive vibes, love, warmth, and good dreams. A child's room requires to reflect a good environment. Maintaining their rooms in terms of the ancient philosophy of Vastu will ensure that their health and wellness are taken care of. But worry not! In this post, we will serve with you some effective and simple Vastu tips for your child's room that will assist your child study and staying happy!

Vastu Tips For Children's Room

1. If you are constructing the new house, make the kid's room always in the west direction. This direction will assure calmness of happiness.

2. Don't put the bed in front of the room's main entrance. Always place the bed in a way that your kid sleeps facing west or south. Any other furniture like a sofa or couch can also be placed in the southwest direction.

3. While placing the almirahs or cabinets, ensure they are facing the south. Gadgets like a computer or TV should be facing east or north to assure no negative energies are purposive in the room.

4. Always put the mirror away from the bed. Apart from these, no body part should be reflected in the mirror during sleeping time. Place the mirror within the wardrobe, behind the door, or on the empty wall.

5. The colour on the walls of your children's room should radiate positive energy. According to Vastu Consultants, go with the shades of yellow, blue, pink, green, or even white. Selecting these hues or pastel colors will ensure a comfortable and calm atmosphere in the room.

6. One of the most critical spots in the kid's room is the study corner. The study area ought to always be neat and de-cluttered. The study table ought to face north or east to assist concentration and memory. Make sure the study table is of regular shapes like rectangles and squares. Even also, the colour of the table affects the memory. Choose the shades of yellow, white, or any other light colors.

7. Light up your children's room with beautiful lamps and chandeliers. Place varied sizes of lamps on the roof or ground and one chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Always place the lights in the southeast direction to boost clear and sharp thinking. However, ensure that the chandelier is hung center of the medium to ensure light reaches every room corner. You can also utilize fancy LEDs lights.

8. If possible, the room's windows should be in the north or east direction. However, if you cannot change the position of the windows, try the curtains are made of lightweight fabrics, and the room should have plenty of natural light along with indoor plants.

9. Opt for calming light wallpapers and furniture to decorate your kid's room. Go for a comfortable couch in place of a chair, place small cushions and hang beautiful family photographs.

10. Study area should be clutter-free to boost concentration, and a clutter-free ambiance is good for generating new ideas.

11. Place the study table in north, east, or northeast while studying. East is known to be the best direction as it helps enhance concentration.

As per Vastu, the framework and design of the Children's room can support kids to be more progressive, obedient, and hard-working. Improper furniture placement can make your child stubborn; however, planning a Vastu compliant room can help your kids improve their brain power. So always consult a Vastu expert before arranging and preparing the children's room.

Through Vastu shastra, parents can provide more support for the development of their children. It can only be provided when the coordination and harmony between the parents are at their best. Children, especially infants, are more susceptible to energy, so having a positive environment and surroundings is vital.

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