Basil Uses and Benefits

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By Mukta Chaudhary on 20 Sep 2012 |
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Basil  Uses and Benefits

Stress-Busting Spice When you’re under stress- the adrenal gland generates stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. Short term, they charge up your system, helping you cope. Long term, however, they weakens the body, setting you up for conditions as common place as a cold or as life threatening as heart disease.

Several compounds in basil extract had “Anti-Stress effects”. Basil normalized levels of cortisol, lowered blood sugar.

Basil is a beautiful, lush plant, with full, dark green leaves- freshly picked it can perfume room like a bouquet of flowers. It grows profusely as long as you keep it warm and watered, and nip it back so it doesn’t flower and go to seed.

Basil is native to India, Southeast Asia and North Africa. It is a revered plant in India, where it was traditionally planted around temples and used in religious ceremonies (the root is carved into prayer beads-Tulsi Beads).

In some weddings, parents give bride away with a present of basil leaf. In winter, Indians make a bail tea called Tulsi Ki chai, which is brewed with holy basil leaves, shredded ginger, and honey.

Basil comes fresh, dried, or as a paste in oil. Though sweet basil is the most popular variety

Basil gas a natural affinity with tomato. Its assertive flavor goes well with other equally assertive flavors, such as dry-roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, and olive oil.

Uses and Benefits of Basil:

Acne- Basil can kill the bacteria that cause acne. Chew 2-3 fresh basil leaves daily.

Cancer- The antioxidant activity in basil has “the potential to block or suppress” liver, stomach and lung cancer.

Eye Infection, Dry Eye Syndrome, Conjunctivitis and Dacryocystitis- Put 2 drops of black basil juice into the eyes daily before moving to bed. It will help relieving eye problems.

Cold and Fever- Take basil leaves juice to calm down fever. Mix water with basil leaves extract and take it after every 2 to 3 hours.

Gout- Basil reduces the levels of uric acid- the substance that causes the pain an inflammation of gout.

Cough and Flu- Chewing basil leaves will give you relief.

Heart Disorder- Basil will reduce the cholesterol level in blood.

Malaria- Take fresh holy basil leaves with black pepper. It will relieve Malaria symptoms.

Pain- Take a whiff (fume) of fresh or dried basil.

Stress and Ulcers- Chew 10-12 leaves of basil, twice a day, to prevent stress. It’s a stress-busting spice.

Wounds- Make a paste of basil leaves and sandalwood and apply it on wounded area.

Type 2 Diabetes- Take extract of basil leaves it will reduce the blood glucose.

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