Benefits of Yoga

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By Makul Mehra on 02 Aug 2016 |
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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool to stay healthier and its main motive is to create awareness among people about healthier body. Yoga in our society is century-old as it has its origins in our Vedic traditions. Yoga is still playing a significant role in society to boost the health of people. With the powerful tool of yoga, anyone can stay fit and healthy. It helps to reduce stress, increases flexibility and boost immunity. There are more than 200 types of yoga schools providing yoga classes. Today, many people, who are passionate about it, are spreading the awareness of yoga around the world. Below are some benefits of yoga;

Maintain Blood Pressure: - With its persistent practice, you can maintain your body’s blood Pressure.

Blood Circulation: - Yoga improves blood circulation in your body and provides healthier skin and organs.

Pain: - Some pains like chronic pain and back pain can be eliminated through yoga.

Source of Energy: - With the regular practice of yoga, you can stay energetic every day. The motive of yoga is to provide energy to the body.

Stress Reduction: - It helps in keeping stress away from the mind.

Increase Flexibility: - It is a powerful tool to increase flexibility of the body.

Reduce Allergies: - It helps to reduce or eliminate allergies after taking medicines.

Maintain Body Weight: - The purpose of yoga is to maintain body weight. With the continued practices of different yoga asanas, you can easily maintain your body weight.

Heart disease: - With the help of yoga you can raise your red blood cells, which will protect the heart from strokes and heart attack.

Migraines: - Regular yoga practice reduces the chances of chronic migraine.

Constipation: - If an individual take healthy diet and practice yoga regularly then one can eliminate his/her constipation problem easily.

Cancer: - Those who are suffering from cancer can raise their red blood cells with yoga.

Arthritis: - It has powerful impact on joints and it provides an excellent exercise to get rid of arthritis and joint problems.

Memory: - Yoga stimulates brain function and helps improve blood circulation. It reduces stress and helps to sharpen memory.

Depression: - With some types of yoga asanas, you can eliminate negative feelings.

Body Awareness: - Yoga gives you an increased awareness of your own body, which will aid in developing self-confidence.

Cholesterol: - Regular yoga practice reduces cholesterol problem by increasing blood circulation and burning fat in the body.

Red blood cells: -Yoga helps to increase the level of red blood cells in the body. This allows you to fight against harmful chemicals in the body.

Asthma: - Regular yoga is helpful to control asthma.

Control II diabetes: - Yoga is a best source of physical workout and is also helpful in controlling diabetes.

Breathing:-Yoga helps to people to breathe easily, and breathing is more natural and controlled.

Risk of injury: - Due to controlled aspect of motions in yoga, there is very little risk of getting injured during yoga practice, compared to other forms of exercises.

Sodium: - It reduces the sodium levels in your body and helps maintain your blood pressure.

Yoga is an effective remedy to stay healthier. It increases muscle strength, improve athletic performance, maintain vitality and improve respiration. You can check the list of yoga classes in your city on

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Makul Mehra


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Dr. Ashish

Thanks for sharing these benefits of yoga. Depression, stress, cholesterol, arthritis are some main reason which the user wants to control in one or the other way. It was a nice article.

21 Jan 2019
soumya ranjan nayak

This is a nice article and useful information.

16 Nov 2018

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