Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2021

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By Anu Thakur on 05 Jan 2021 |
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Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2021

You can't use your SEO marketing strategy if you're not utilizing the best keywords, particularly in case you are simply starting. Keyword research tools assist SEO experts to recognize words or phrases individuals are utilizing to find information in the web crawlers. These SEO tools give a complete keyword analysis tool like keyword volume, CPC, competition, top-ranking pages, and so forth for a keyword. However, most of the keyword research tools are costly and are paid.

What are Keywords?
Keywords are what individual’s type into a web index when they are searching for something online. The term "keyword" is somewhat deceptive because a keyword doesn't have to be only a single word. For instance, in case I am searching for a Nike showroom to test, I may type in;
Nike showroom near me
Best Nike showroom in Chandigarh
Nike showroom recommendations

Every one of those phrases is a keyword. Obviously, if you own a Nike showroom, you should figure out some way to get your site to the top of the SERP (search engine results pages) when somebody types those in. This is where a keyword procedure comes in.

Are you looking to search winning keywords to target but don’t have a good budget for paid tools? Free Google Keyword Planner used to be incredible for this. You could just enter any ‘seed’ keyword and see lots of finest keyword suggestions, in addition to search volumes. However, Google has since banned these numbers to ranges. One excellent solution is to utilize a tool like Ahref keyword analyser that shows real keyword search volume and many of other SEO metrics. Following is a handpicked catalog of Top best free keyword research tools, that are best as compared to paid keyword tools. The catalog contains famous highlights and website links. Have a look!

Top Free Keyword Research Tools 2021 To Expand Your Organic Traffic

1. Keyword Tool
Keyword Tool will assist you with finding a large number of new long-tail keywords identified with any topic via consequently producing Google's search suggestions. This keyword tool app proposals will be delivered depending on a Google domain and language that you pick. Keyword Tool io is one of the best free online keyword research tools that utilizations Google Autocomplete to produce many relevant long-tail catchphrases for any subject.

For Example: Put the term "Protein Power" and after that choose your nation and click on the search, in a few second we will get a list of 622 unique keywords related to your query. Have a look!

freetoolfor keyword

2. Wordtracker Tool
Wordtracker has a good keyword research tool that permits you to find precisely what keywords your rivals are utilizing. It's a chrome extension and works in only a single tick to make a list of keywords from any webpage.

For Example: If we search the term protein powder, you will get a list of 50 keywords related to your query.

wordtracker tool

3. WordStream Tool
WordStream's Keyword Tool gives you many relevant keyword results, in addition, noteworthy information like competition level and assessed CPC, all for free! It's an amazing choice to Google's Keyword Planner.

For example: Put the keyword "weight loss" and choose your industry and location then click on a new search, in a few seconds you will get a list of 500 keywords related to your term with search volume, competition, and CPC.

wordstrem tool

4. Google Trends
Google Trends is one of the best keyword research tools that analyses the notoriety of top trending search queries in Google. You can also utilize it to discover across different dialects and regions. This free keyword tool utilizes graphs to look at the search of different queries.

For instance, If we look at the terms “Apple iPhone 11 and Apple iPhone 8” for the past 12 months, we see that fame spikes each month. And also we can see that interest in Apple iPhone 8 is much higher than as compared to Apple iPhone 11 due to its specifications.

googletrends edit

Features are provided by Google Trends are;
With the help of this keyword tool you can know everyday search trends and real-time search trends.
It gives different classifications like news, individuals, competitors, beauty, food, fashion, and so forth.
Google Trends provides year-wise statistics.
It assists you to know the interest of other people at any time and compare search rank with each other.
This application automatically identifies topics depending on the search keyword.
It additionally offers a drop-down menu to switch between the latest trending and most searched views.

5. Keyword Sheeter
Keyword Sheeter attracts thousands of autocomplete suggestions from Google. To begin, enter at least one seed keyword for example "Chocolate Cake" and then click ‘Sheet keywords”.

keywordsheeter edit

If you need to create many marketing strategies quickly, this is the best keyword research tool free for you. These research tools pull long keyword queries per minute, and you can export the outcomes for free in a single tick. Keyword Shitter also empowers you to create a query of the medium/long-tail keywords. However, it has one other eminent feature: positive and negative filters. The most effortless approach to clarify how this function is to show a model. So how about we add "how" to the positive filter. Now it just shows the questions that contain "how"— i.e., correct keywords that make your blog more informative.

sheetertoolimages one

The negative filter does the inverse and excludes inquiries containing certain words. This helps eliminate anything unimportant. For instance, if you run a blog and scrape the results for "Chocolate," at that point you want to see keywords identifying with Chocolate company, not the fruit. So you could exclude keywords like candy.

sheetertoolimages two

This is the best SEO trends to higher Google rankings and for this you don’t need any sign-in or download to utilize this tool.

Highlights are given by Keyword Sheeter are;
It gives ideas for your article or blogs.
With the help of this tool many Digital Marketing Companies can import a big list of keywords in bulk.
This Free Keyword tool permits you to copy-paste keywords or upload a CSV (comma-separated values) file.
It explores Keywords for competition analysis.
You can discover the contender’s URLs for additional analyses.
It gives page metadata, page topics, and so on.

6. Answer The Public
This is one of the best Keyword Research tools for SEO for finding keyword phrases you probably won’t have considered or have failed to remember. Answer The Public has a version of the free keyword planner, and with it, they permit you to see visualizations of phrases and inquiries asked around a specific root keyword. Note that you need to pay for the Pro version to get provincial information for every root keyword.

For example, Enter the keyword “Chocolate Cake”, and then click on search.

answerthepublic two

After clicking on the search, you will get a list of 65 questions related to your inquiry, have a look!

answerthepublictoolimages two

Apart from these this tool also provides your search term in 199 alphabetical order to obtain the instant result in a very short time!

answerthepublictoolimages one

Features are provided by Answer The Public are;
It can search out 1500 PR keywords around the world.
These Best Free Keyword Research Tools free give a complete visualization of the data.
You can enter any specific keyword in the search textbox, and this amazing tool will automatically give content suggestions.
It supports various languages including, English, Polski, and so forth.

7. Soovle
Soovle is a keyword tool that gives suggestion services from Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and so on. It recommends the trending keywords sorted in sequential request.

For example: if you search for free SEO tools, you will get the trending related keyword list, have a look!

soolve tool

This program assists you to save your keyword suggestions and provide some amazing features that are;
With the help of these Keyword Research tools for SEO, you can simply switch from one search engine then onto the next.
It permits you to customize searching alternatives.
You can know recommendations by performing a search on the given search engine.
You can reuse saved things in the future.

8. Keyword Surfer
Keyword Surfer is one of the best free keyword research tools and free Chrome Extension that shows estimated worldwide and month to month search volumes for any inquiry typed into Google. For Example;

keywordtoolsurfer images

Currently, Keyword Surfer shows local search volume evaluation for 19 nations. These incorporate the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and France. There’s additionally a choice to turn worldwide search volumes on or off.

keywordtoolsurferimages one

Apart from this, the tool also adds keyword analysis to the autocomplete results and shows 10 “comparative” keywords in the indexed lists. Have a look!

keywordsurfer three

9. Keyword Tool Dominator
When you find keywords for SEO, this SEO tool allows you to see keyword information from some exceptionally biggest platforms and empowers you to search long-tail keywords your audience is looking for. They have keyword research tools for every one of the following: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Google, Google Shopping, Bing and YouTube. Each tool provides you a diagram of keywords, and you can pick by region in a portion of the tools.
Here is the best example of the keywords accommodated the inquiry “Keyword Tool”;

keywordtool dominator

With a free account of this tool, you are limited to 3 searches every day per tool. You can also download the data for every search. Each tool provides you an inspection of keywords.

Highlights are given by Keyword Tool Dominator are
• It gives real-time keyword suggestions.
• With the help of these Keyword Research tools for SEO you can discover hundreds of keyword suggestions in a very lesser time.
• This tool empowers you to search queries from one search term.
• It offers a catalog of the result of what it thinks you are looking for.
• This tool helps you to see the specific most famous search terms.

10. Question DB
Question DB is an enormous platform used by millions every day to discuss issues they are having, search for answers, or discover the solutions they need. It has made a gigantic database and it pulls these from a database of 48M inquiries sourced from Reddit. The tool also suggests utilizing a broad keyword term. QuestionDB finds the inquiries individuals are asking about a particular topic.

For example: If you search the term Chocolate Cake, you will see multiple inquiries related to your topic;

questiondb edit

This is valuable when writing blog posts, as it assists you to comprehend which inquiries to answer. If you click on the "source link," a clickable link appears next to each inquiry, which will help to find the solutions that you want.

questiondb tool

11. Bulk Keyword Generator
Bulk Keyword Generator is one of the best free keyword research tools for SEO. It creates keywords dependent on industry type.

To begin, follow step 1 and pick a business type from the dropdown.

keywordresearchtools forseo

You will at that point see a list of keywords relevant to the products or services you offer.

For instance, let's set "Accounting" as the business type. We see queries like accounting agency, integrated accountant, contractor accountant, and so on.

bulkkeywordgenerator one

12. Keyworddit
Keyworddit is an amazing tool that pulls keyword ideas from Reddit. Enter a subreddit, and it will search the titles and remarks of threads to discover up to 500 keywords. This tool is a fabulous beginning point if you don’t know about a niche. It also tells you what sort of language they use to depict such things. Beyond this, this tool pulls evaluated US month to month search volumes for every keyword. That assists give you some idea regarding the popularity of each subtopic.

keyworddit one

For example, Enter the keyword dog training and get the Google keyword search volume each month.

reddittoolfor keyword

13. Google
Google is the most powerful keyword research tool on the planet. There's the autocomplete highlight for creating a practically endless number of keyword ideas. If we search the keyword "Chocolate cake" then look at the below box that shows up a few searches.

googletoolimages two

After getting the search list, scroll down the page and you get more lists related to your keyword query. Keep doing this, and you can create a practically boundless list of keywords related to your topic.

googletoolimages one

14. Google’s “People Also Ask”
If you are looking for questions individuals are asking, Google is an incredible resource. If you enter a keyword, "Chocolate Cake" frequently a display shows called “People also ask”. It would appear like this;

peoplealso ask

Here you will see well-known keyword queries identified with your keyword that individuals have looked for on Google. The more “Individuals additionally ask” entries you click, the more the list will become. You can continue clicking selections until you have a broad list of related inquiries.

15. YouTube Autocomplete
While looking on YouTube Autocomplete, they give alternatives that are identified with your question and searched for by clients. This keyword tool youtube can review every one of them gave inquiries and look for keywords that are relevant to the clients.

For Example, if you are searching for “how to create a YouTube Channel” you will get the log list of the related keyword, have a look!

youtube autocomplete

You will also observe what clients are looking for, which provides you guidance for marketing techniques. You can see contenders' channels and gain some extraordinary insights on keywords and related subjects that perform well with your target audiences. You would then be able to audit which videos played out the best and inspect every video for keywords in the title, the video itself, and the description. Also, look at the comments, which phrases are individuals discussing, and save these as possible keywords.

Comparison Between Free Vs Paid Keyword Tool
Now we all know that free SEO keyword finder tools are limited as compared to paid tools. But that doesn't mean these tools don’t have their uses. These tools provide a large number of keyword ideas and data as compared to paid tools. Paid tools always allow you to keep researching and advanced marketing research ideas. And in the second case, the free keyword tool is restricted in comparison with paid tools.

I trust above-mentioned keyword planner free tools can help you start finding the phrases and keywords that will assist you with creating impressive content and marketing campaigns. There is a lot to think about when it comes to the correct keywords. It’s not sufficient just to find the appropriate keywords, but you also have to know how to utilize them to rank. To succeed with a keyword methodology, you need to have a coordinated arrangement. Utilizing the keyword research tools in this article, you can begin with keyword research and ideally support your position in the web index results. Best of luck!

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