Best Tips For Travel Agents to Win New Customers

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By Dimple Kumar on 29 Sep 2020 |
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Best Tips For Travel Agents to Win New Customers

If you are in marketing business or work then getting new clients and customers is our prime priority. It is not easy to get clients so easily one has to be very clever to get the trust of the customers hence only smart people can be the part of this section. Now, if we talk about travel companies, there also you need to tackle the customers query and concern. You need to be in touch with your customers and have to keep attracting more and more customers for better business. How to get more customers and what you should do about it, all your doubts will be cleared in this article “Best tips for travel agents to win new customers”.

Earlier these were considered as holiday or vacation times, when people use to go on different destinations with their families. Married couples go on honeymoon and travel agents use to be very busy during these days. But now scene has changed a lot, due to covid- 19 many people are facing problems in getting new customers and clients. The tourism company are completely based on customers’ frequency, if there are no customer’s interest then it is very tough to expect good business. Therefore, there are few best tips for travel agents to win new customers even during this tough time.

Below Are Some Tips For Travel Agents To Win New Customers
There are few basic things which one should know to attract new customers and those will be mentioned below. Hopefully it will be useful and will help you for establishing even stronger in this difficult time.

1. Never Give Up
This is the very first point one need to consider, never be negative while handling any business. Always thing of good times and if sometimes are not favorable then also giving up is never an option. Agents are believed to be the most influencing and manipulative people on the earth. They know how to play their cards and how to make others comfortable. An agent must always full of positivity and happiness so that he can handle other people with cheerful and fresh mood. If you will be gloomy and frustrated you can never get new customers and your business will not excel. So, never think of giving up in your career or life always keep moving in the forward direction irrespective of how many hurdles you need to cross.

2. Use Your Creativity And Expertise
Business will never work if you don’t have creative ideas and different thinking style. If you also move and use monotonous strategies and plans then definitely your business will be same like other normal ones. Use different ideas to attract customers by offering those schemes, discount and other merchandise or benefits. Give those special offers which customers and avail even after this covid- 19. Offering discounts does not mean that you have to make your business suffer with losses instead introduce reasonable offers and discounts. Discounts which can attract more customers as well as provide your travel business acceleration.

3. Membership Plans
This is the best thing which is introduced by many top hotels and companies in which special benefits are offered to the members who are connected with the company. In this you get special discounts, sometimes free tours and holiday packages, gifts and merchandise on festivals. So try to make customers understand of these membership plans and convince them to connect with you through this schemes. It helps in advertising and gives more recognition to your business.

4. Advertise And Take Attention
Advertising is the best way when you need to draw attention of customers. Give an impressive and noticeable advertisement in newspaper, TV channels and on other Medias to get public attention. When people will see your advertisement and if they will find it necessary they will contact. This is also one rule, never ever follow your customers continuously whether through call or mails. Give customers their time and space to understand the matter and benefits and then wait for their response. If you want to confirm about their decision, it is better to call after 2 or 3 days but not continuously 3 or 4 times a days.

5. Be Convincing And Clear In Your Thoughts And Words
Today’s customers are also very smart you cannot try to fool them. You have to be clear in your approach and need to clear all the silly doubts they have. Tour operators are clever and very well know how to put their words in a way so the other person is convinced but also remember only clear and straight things get through customers mind. So do not try to bluff or make any extra exaggerated promises. Claim those things which are in your hands and can be fulfilled. False promises can get your customer for once, but you will lose your credibility in the market for the long term. So play clever, but with precautions.

Travelling is something which is enjoyed by everyone. Exploring new places and destination is something what everyone cherishes. But now people are afraid to go out because of this corona virus. Lockdown has really impacted the travel business and made things tough for the travel agents. We need to have faith and believe that everything will be fine with time. If this is the time for some extra efforts and struggle and try to bear with the circumstances because giving up hope is never an option for agents.

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