Most Famous Trekking Places To Visit In India

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By Amarjeet Singh on 19 Jul 2022 |
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Most Famous Trekking Places To Visit In India

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas is an excellent choice for nature lovers who are fond of adventure. There is no lack of trekking places in India. Trekking always brings joy, thrill, and excitement and gives a memorable experience. Some individuals trek to see their stamina and skills, and some do it for fun. Some individuals like to climb high hills with the desire for relaxation and peace. But some go trekking to see a natural beauty and picturesque landscapes.

The best opportunities for trekking in India present themselves in the Indian Himalayan Region, a section of the Himalayas within India, in the states of Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Sikkim. The trekking routes in these states are dotted with surreal landscapes, picturesque views, spellbinding views of the Himalayan peaks, and villages that allow you to see the lifestyle, culture, and rare Himalayan wildlife of the people. To provide you the complete information on the same topic, a list of some popular hiking destinations that offer memorable experiences to travellers has been compiled below. Have a look!

Best Trekking Places in India

1. Hampta Pass Trek- Manali
Hampta Pass Trek is located at an altitude of around 3960 m in Kullu Valley. The surroundings are greenery and mountains with blue skies to leave you mesmerized. Also, it is one of the beautiful and best treks in Himachal Pradesh, as it will attract you to reach there to catch the splendid view. It will take almost 3 to 4 days to do this trek, and during these few days, you can fall as much as you can in the brilliance of the Himalayas, and it will relax your mind.

2. Chadar Trek- Ladakh
Chadar trek, also known as Zanskar Trek, is another trekking wonder to let you be satisfied with the snowy and freezy vibes of Ladakh. This trek is to be carried on through the frozen river Zanskar which completely turns into ice during the winter season. January to February are the two main months to experience this trek and what's more, is the Buddhist culture you will find in your way spread throughout this fantastic hiking adventure.

3. Indrahar Trek- Himachal Pradesh
Located in the Dhauladhar Himalayan Range, Indrahar Trek is one of the most famous treks that tour operators recommend to their customers. It takes around four days of hiking and starts at McLeod Ganj. Further, the abundant beauty of the Himalayan mountains is quite tempting and charming and is the main reason for this trek's popularity.

4. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek- Sikkim
It is one of India's most popular thrilling treks. Kanchenjunga proclaims its glory at the height of 8586 m and as the 3rd highest mountain in the world. Embarking on this trek permits you to enjoy the panoramic views from Frey Peak to Kabru Peak. It's an 8-day trek, starting from Yuksom, a sleepy village in West Sikkim.

5. Valley of Flowers Trek- Uttarakhand
Valley of Flowers is an 11 kilometers valley trek that glows with one of the most alluring of all Himalayan flowers, the blue Primula (blossom only during monsoon season). Located at an altitude of 3900 m, it takes 4 to 6 days to complete this trek. So, without a do, treat ourselves to a beautiful experience of Valley of Flowers trekking and amazed with around 300 types of local mountain top flowers and a rich range of flora.

6. Pin Bhaba Pass Trek- Himachal Pradesh
Pin Bhaba Pass Trek provides a splendid view of Landscapes. This is the best trek for adventure lovers in India. High mountains of Spiti in the backdrop and lush green Bhaba valley make the trek visually very appealing. Alluring forests of Mulling, pretty jungle rivers, the amazing river delta of Phutsirang, and camping here, while clicking beautiful pictures, would be an unforgettable experience. The views of Pin Valley in the Spiti region are a blissful sight of never-ending enchantment.

7. Kedarkantha Trek- Uttarakhand
It is located about 12500 feet above sea level and comes under Govind Pashu Vihar National Park. It is one of the best adventure tours in India. It starts from the Sankari village in the Jaunsar-Bawar region. Nature lovers, Tourists, and are attracted by its breathtaking beauty and visit from all across the globe. The look from the peak is splendid, and it's difficult to explain in words. Sunrise and sunset views from Kedarkantha peak bring charm to the soul. It gives a view of 13 peaks of the Himalayas. The Alluring 360-degree views of many famous mountain peaks from the Kedarkantha summit are definitely worth your adventure holidays.

8. Araku Valley Trek- Arunachal Pradesh
Araku Valley Trek is one of the finest treks in Arunachal Pradesh. It combines a beautiful landscape with the aroma of coffee plantations, and this mixture is an enchanting one to behold. It is a simple trek, so you can also explore the nearby Borra Caves, museums, and waterfalls close to Araku Valley and spend a magnificent time with your special one here.

9. Kheer Ganga Trek- Kullu
Hidden in the stunning expanse of Himalayas, the Kheer Ganga trek is not just one of the famous treks in Himachal Pradesh but certainly also among the optimal in India. The 11 km trek can be begun from the village of Barshaini with two famous routes, each well marked and mapped by previous trekkers and guides. In addition, you can get assistance from the local villagers en route. The amazing beauty coupled with the thrill of the unexplored is a perfect dose of adventure for mountain lovers in essence.

10. Triund Trek- Dharamshala
One of India's easiest and best treks, Triund in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the finest places for adventure. Situated in the lap of the Dhauladhar Mountains, Triund gives you beautiful views of the snow-covered mountains and the Kangra Valley. A quiet experience of the Himalayas, the trek begins from McLeod Ganj, also called the mini-Tibet of India. The six-kilometer trail passes through beautiful mixed oak and deodar forest. The adventure campaign ends at the campsite, where accommodation and tents let you enjoy an escape from cities. The pure bliss of the mountains, stunning views, and the clear skies that reveal uncountable stars make the adventure worth your time.

11. Rupin Pass Trek- Uttarakhand
The Rupin Pass Trek is famously considered one of the most scenic treks in Uttarakhand. These 52 kilometers long trek will bring a variety of various scenes of natural beauty. As you trek higher, you will find scenic views of the majestic mountains surrounding you. This trek begins from Dhaula village in Uttarakhand and ends in the Sangla village of Himachal Pradesh. The trek will take you through waterfalls, glaciers, and forests, which are the best natural charm for you to admire. This tough and challenging trek requires a good pair of hiking shoes and essential trekking gear.

Trekking is the best way to bond with new individuals or bring your friends closer and establish a wonderful team spirit. So, if you are planning to visit the best tourist places, do consider any of these options for your adventure and plan a great holiday with friends and family, happy journey! No matter how tiresome a trek is, you will always feel refreshed and soothed as they assist you to unwind and relax away from the daily anxieties and into the charm and beauty of nature that is the cure to all the tensions in the world.

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