Biography of Sonia Gandhi Politician with Family Background and Personal Details

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By Dimple Kumar on 18 Jan 2019 |
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Biography of Sonia Gandhi Politician with Family Background and Personal Details

Biography of Sonia Gandhi Politician with Family Background and Personal Details

Personal Information of the Sonia Gandhi

• Full Name- Antonia Edvige Albina Maino
• Real Name- Sonia Gandhi
• Date of Birth- 9 December 1946
• Place of Birth- Lusiana, Veneto, Italy
• Religion- Roman Catholic
• Nationality- Indian
• Sun Sign- Sagittarius
• Height- 1.63 M
• Profession Before Joining Politics- Political and Social Worker
• Spouse Name- Late Rajiv Gandhi
• Anniversary Date- 25 February 1968
• Children- Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
• Father- Stefano Maino
• Mother- Paola Maino
• Citizen Party- Italy (1946-1983), India (1983-Present)
• Political Party- Indian National Congress
• Alma Mater- Bell Educational Trust
• Net Worth- $2 Billion as of 1 April 2017 (Approximately)

Sonia Gandhi is an Italian born Indian legislator who has held the situation of President of the INC (Indian National Congress) party since 1998. She was re-chosen to this situation for the fourth time in 2010, hence turning into the lengthy serving president in the 125-year history of the Congress party. She is additionally the Chairperson of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) in the Lok Sabha, a position she is serving in since 2004. Sonia Gandhi is the first foreign conceived individual to grow into President of the Congress Party since India's freedom in 1947. Sonia Gandhi was born in Italy, she came to India after the wedding with Rajiv Gandhi, a scion of the politically authoritative Nehru– Gandhi family, which had for quite some time been related with the Indian National Congress. She avoided politics issues amid the initial years of her marriage and profoundly declined to enter legislative issues even after the tragic death of her better half in 1991. But the decreasing fortunes of the Congress in the following years inspired her to join the party as an essential representative and from that point forward she has assumed an extremely noteworthy role in Indian politics issues and is viewed as a strong figure on the world political scheme also. In 1997, she joined the party in the Calcutta Plenary Session as an essential member. In 1998, she turned into the party leader. In 2007 and 2008, Sonia Gandhi was named among the 'Time 100 most influential people' on the world. Under Sonia's administration in 2009, the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) came up with a conclusive majority win in general elections. The party won 206 Lok Sabha seats, which was then considered the most astounding by any party since 1991. She was re-chosen to a third term and defined Rae Bareli. She turned into the first individual to serve the party as President for a long time (15 years) continuously in 2013.

Positions Held by Sonia Gandhi

• March 1998: onwards President, INC (Indian National Congress), Chairperson, CPP (Congress Parliamentary Party)
• 1999: Elected to 13th Lok Sabha
• From 1999 – 2004: Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha
• From 1999-2000: Member, GPC (General Purposes Committee)
• 2004: Re-Chose to 14th Lok Sabha (2nd term) Chairperson, UPA (United Progressive Alliance)
• From 2004 - 2009 and 2009 - 2014: Chairperson, NAC (National Advisory Council)
• 16 May 2009: Re-chose to 15th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
• 29 March 2010: Selected Chairperson of the (re-constituted), NAC (National Advisory Council)
• May 2014: Re-chose to sixteenth Lok Sabha (fourth term)

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