COVID 19 Impact On Pune Real Estate Market

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By Dimple Kumar on 19 Feb 2021 |
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COVID 19 Impact On Pune Real Estate Market

The effect of the novel Coronavirus on Indian real estate has been extraordinary. In the initial three months of its outbreak, it carried development activities to a halt and significantly destroy the market of its potential purchaser base. With property exchanges dipping to approach zero during the cross country lockdown between March and June 2020, the real estate sector has confronted the absolute most challenging times ever.

The real estate field has felt the majority of the brunt of the Covid-19 outbreak with sales in Pune falling for 10 years low in the first portion of 2020. According to, Real consultancy firm Knight Frank in its half yearly report, which was delivered on Thursday, said 42,855 units in Pune stay unsold toward the end of the first portion of this year. Despite the fact that the real estate sector has potentially felt the majority of the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals who live in rental accommodations have high desires of purchasing homes. The Pune real estate sector possibility has been decreasing because of different reasons. Below read more about the effect of COVID-19 on Pune's real estate and the route forward to it.

1. Relocation of Laborers
The slowed down construction activities constrained huge number of workers to escape to their home towns, leaving no work. The opposite relocation of development laborers caused challenges in continuing back the construction activities in Pune. The liquidity imperatives among engineers and homebuyers left the real estate market adversely influenced. The homebuyers weren't willing to purchase a property or put resources into the real estate market during this period.

2. Economic Downturn
While the principal quarter of this year has stopped the real estate market developments because of the lockdown and physical distancing measures. The second quarter carried an extreme hit to the industrial and real estate activities in Pune. The business suffered a lot, and the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product) plunged into negative figures, causing one of the country's most noticeably awful financial recessions. Pune's real estate market isn't an exception, and it contacted the most reduced of lows during the first and second quarter of 2020 after the COVID-19. A lot of vulnerability to the real estate field won as the home sales, and new commercial/residential property launches beat up battling the pandemic.

3. The Work From Home Norm
The health-emergency constrained employers to give the greatest-ever work from home choice of representatives universally for an unprecedented time. This made the apartments and workspaces stay shut and empty as individuals began moving out of the city to their local places and began working from home. The requirement for the new apartments and commercial spaces has fallen thus caused rents to derail. According to the leading research organizations, the property sales declined by 80% and pushed down the generally residential demand to 25% resulting in the expansion of unsold inventories.

4. The Way Forward
The city's progressive opening up has caused Pune's housing business sector to recover in the last quarter with many measures of the government. The development activities resumed, and the engineers have been permitted to launch new projects focusing on the mid-pay projects and gated communities. With the Covid-19 physical distancing norms, homebuyers like to put resources into properties that give simple access to the fundamental amenities. The homebuyers' inclinations have changed identifying with the Covid-19 modern-day requirements.

5. Interest Rates At Record Low
The RBI has decreased the repo rate to 4%, making acquiring less expensive for home purchasers. Thusly, home loan costs are as of now as low as 6.95%. This would act as a booster for purchasers to put resources into property at a cost advantage, when clarity on the effect of COVID-19 hands on the real estate market is known.

The Pune's real estate activity is expected to progressively get with the unwinding and the government's new estimates like evacuation of stamp obligation and enlistment charges on new and prepared to occupy flats. The real estate developers have approved the e-launches, virtual site visits, and other creative advertising activities to pull individuals to invest into the real estate sector. The city's real estate market will also be supported by the proposed development of enterprises, manufacturing, and business activities.

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