Dos And Donts While Availing International Courier Services In Pune

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By Dimple Kumar on 18 Jun 2020 |
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Dos And Donts While Availing International Courier Services In Pune

We can not go out due to the lockdown in the nation. Then how to meet our daily needs of groceries and other things? During this lockdown courier service has become a life line of everyone. International Courier service companies are only making it possible for everyone to get their daily needs. In every part of the country these companies are playing a very vital role in delivering and picking up in midst of this pandemic situation. When it is so difficult even to go out, it is really a challenge getting things by courier.

It is so difficult to get things in our own country, then it would be many times harder to get things from other countries. Whether it is raw material for factories or companies, all import and export are just not possible now. As the situation gets better everyone will again start ordering things from abroad through online sites. There are few dos and don’ts while availing international courier services in Pune which will help customer to take care of them against COVID-19 and yet they can meet their requirement.

Pune is a big city, with lots of companies and factories. Lots of raw material is send from Pune to other countries, and many things are received. In between all this export and import there is a high risk of contamination or spreading of corona infection. As Pune comes under Maharashtra and we all know very well what is the condition in the state so it becomes our priority to first take care of one’s health then to look for other things. It is said good health is the real wealth, so citizens it is to inform you that take full precaution while you dealing with any international parcel shipping. International courier service providers are currently not so active due to this lockdown but hopefully it will shortly start in the city and soon we will get relief from this COVID 19.

If you have ordered something in between the lockdown period or just before the lockdown was announced. And expecting your order with in upcoming days. Then there is a list of few things which will help you receiving courier safely. It is not necessary to send the courier back which you have ordered but with the right dos and don’ts you can fight against corona effectively.

List Of Dos and Don’t While Availing International Courier Services In Pune

1. Whenever you receive any courier not just international but even through national courier services. Firstly, wash your hands and then wear hand covers then sanitizes the courier or box you received and then take the courier inside the house.

2. Always remember to wear gloves while you are dealing with international courier services. After coming home dump those hand gloves or wash them thoroughly with Dettol or Amy other antiseptic alcohol rich liquid.

3. Keep your mouth always covered, don’t try to make any sort of contact with strangers. While signing up the parcel detail or received, use your own pen.

4. Maintain an adequate distance between you and the courier service agent for better health.

5. If any delivery guy asks you for water don’t say no, rather fill a water bottle and give it to them. So that they can take it with them and may dispose it later. Obviously, they are working for us, so it also become our duty to treat them like human not like slaves or servants.

6. In any situation don’t take things for granted or easy, always follow the procedure, wear hand gloves, sanitize the parcel and then take it inside the house. After unboxing, dispose the plastic and unnecessary stuff properly in the dustbin. Then sanitize the item inside the box. Finally, now it is good to use.

7. If you have kids it is very important to maintain good hygiene in the house because kids are more prone to get sick because of their developing immunity.

So, take care of few points and you will always good to go with everything. Take care of yourself and as well as for others by providing them with useful help. It is not just for now but maintaining a disinfectant and healthy life style is always helpful. So do your part to protect yourself and the nation.

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