English as a Career Development Tool

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By Yogesh Vermani on 09 Aug 2012 |
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English as a Career Development Tool

“Hard work beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard“ – Tim Notke

Participating in group discussion:

Many colleges and good institutes require you to participate in group discussion as a part of their enrollment process; apart from that many companies require fresher to participate in group discussion before personal interview round as a part of their recruitment process and medium of communication in these group discussions is English only.

Facing Interviews:

If you want to face interview confidently you need good English speaking skills. When I started my career I was rejected in very first interview and interviewer said, “ Yogesh, you don’t have good English and communication skills.” Moreover I couldn’t give any telephonic interview since I had a fear of English.

That was a big setback for me. I worked hard day in day out to polish my English and communication skills. Once I improved my English and communication I got selected by 3 companies simultaneously.

In the process of improvement I realized it is easy to improve English and communication once you have willingness to improve and write mentoring.

If you want to improve your English & communication you can contact us through our website http://sviindia.com/ and you can also watch “video gallery” to experience how easily you can learn Enlgish.

Participating in meetings:

Once you join corporate or start your own business, you will have frequent meetings with your boss, colleagues, subordinate, management and clients.

In this era of globalization you will interact with people who belong to different countries and different backgrounds and you cannot expect them to know your mother tongue.

English is only common business language in different parts of the world.

If you unable to interact with these people due to lack of English and good communication, you will slow down your growth.

Interacting with clients:

Many companies have either overseas clients or projects running in foreign countries. Many participants in my institute tell me that their companies didn’t consider them for overseas projects despite giving the best performance due to lack of good English and communication skills.

If you handle an overseas assignment, you may require regular interaction with clients and other parties there and common medium of communication is English only.

Listening to the best people in your Industry:

The best professionals around the world listen to their respective industry expert to understand their values, ideologies and practices. If you want to listen or watch the best professional in your respective industry, you have to understand their language.

Listening to the best professionals in your industry will give you better market value and greater opportunities. By understanding their mindset you will also develop similar confidence.

Reading the greatest books and executing your work:

If you want to make a thorough research about a particular field or work, most of the good books and researches are available in English only. In present world you can neither survive nor grow in your business or profession without having good knowledge of your own field.

Moreover in order to complete or execute your work, you have to read many reports, in-structions, emails and client’s requirement which are available in English only.

Addressing a large gathering:

Sometimes you don’t feel confident while speaking or making presentation before a gathering due to lack of good English and communication.

Hence English is essential at every phase of your career to get good opportunities and earn more.

For more articles on career development like us at "http://www.facebook.com/SVIIndia"

“No rules of success will work, unless you work.” – Reed Markham

“Yesterday has gone, Tomorrow will never come; so today is the best day to do what you want to do.”

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Yogesh Vermani


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I need to have and use the same for English good explanation.

22 May 2015

Very useful article for students, who have problem with English, good explanation has been given.

23 Apr 2015
Sumit Joshi

Well what i can tell you people is that if you want to go abroad for higher education then Jamboree Dehradun is what you should join, and the kind of amazing Vocabulary you would get which would make you more confident to face interviews and in general too. Today i have an admission offer from two Universities of United States i.e. NJIT and Texas Arlington.

11 Apr 2015
Mukesh Dogra

If you want to give a confident interview, Then you have must knowledge of english. So read books, newspaper to improve english skills.

04 Apr 2015
Sameer Khurana

Very nice blog written by Yogesh Vermani . thanks alot for this tip..

08 Jan 2013
Smita .B.C

the best blog posed , has lot understanding.

22 Nov 2012
Network Hub

For spoken English - Please spoke one hour daily for improve good communication

06 Oct 2012

Please post some Good conversation tips for beginners.

13 Aug 2012

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