Hair Care Regime

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By Dr M Hari Namboodiri on 29 Jan 2013 |
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Hair Care Regime

Healthy hairs are a reflection of a healthy life. Hair care is as important as care of any other body part. One needs to take care of his hair using home hair remedies. A few tips for healthy hair are given below:

Mixed Blend of different oil used in Good Hair Oil
* Coconut Oil (Base OiL)
* Wheat Germ Oil
* Til / Seasame seed Oil
* Lemon Oil
* Heena Oil
* Neem Oil

Herbs Used
* Gotu Kola / Bhrami – Nourishing scalp
* Indian Goose Berry / Awla Powder – Hair growth & pigmentation
* Acacia Concinna / Shikakai – Promoter & strength hair roots
* Sapindus Mukorossi / Reetha – Hair tonic & Cleanser
* Eclipta Alba / Bhringraj - Nourishing
* Dry Hibiscus Flower – Promoter
* Fenugreek Seeds – Coolant & Promoter
* Neem / Azardirachta Indica – Detangling effect
* Aloevera / Barbadensis Miller – Anti Inflammatory

Hair Pack
Prepare a paste of – Fenugreek (Meethi) Seed Powder + Triphala Powder + Indian Lilac (Neem) Powder + Aloevera + Cinnamon Powder + Curd + Green Gram Powder + Lemon Juce. Apply this paste for 1 hour. Wash your hairs gently without using soap.

Yoga Asanas for Healthy hairs
* Surya Namaskara
* Sarvanga Sana
* Sirsasana
* Uttanpadasana

Pranayama & Hair Care
* Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Essential Diet
* Eat fruits rich in Vitamins B5, B6, B12 & Vitamin C
* Include – Green Leafy Vegetables, Salad, Spinach, Beans, Awla etc
* Others – Iron, Omega -3 fatty acid, Protein, Zinc, Alpha- Linoleic acis

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Dr M Hari Namboodiri


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Nice words, nice blog. Thanks for kind info.

16 Sep 2014
Akash shukla

My hair is falling in 1 year and black hair is suddenly white color.

03 Jun 2014
bilal ahmad rather

Sir i am 24 years old. My hair had fall from front sides. What will i do to regain it. Sir please help me that is your most kindness.

16 Dec 2013
santos kumar poddsr

hello, my hair are complitly fall from front side. can hair regain in this side Regard santosh

15 Dec 2013
Vedovas Products

hello, my hair was too rough but after using this your tips for hair care my hair change from rough to silky nd shiny . Thanks for sharing this blog . You can also get more about health&care from

12 Nov 2013

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