How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

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By Dimple Kumar on 16 Sep 2020 |
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How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

'Working from home' this is the new trend of all IT companies. Previously only our seniors or very few were privileged to avail the service, but now it is the demand of the time. Since the covid 19 has hit the world everyone is afraid and consider it better to stay home rather than going out. And for the same, companies also came forward to allow employees to work from home safely. But how many of us are been honest to serve 100% of their time to office work?

Well, if we answer this question very few will be there who actually work efficiently. Especially those who have family to look, they are really looking for something so that they can stay productive while working from home. If you are married and have a kid then it is really difficult to look both at the same time. That is why we come up with this article where you will get different ways to stay productive while working from home.

Tips For Staying Productive While Working From Home

1. To stay productive throughout the day, it is very important to start your day on time. As we are at our homes and we do not have any hustle to get ready for office and to make breakfast. We usually wake up late and as soon as we wake up we start with our office work. But I think this should not be the way to start your day. Wake up early, do some exercise make breakfast and do all your daily chores. A proper time table is very much important if you want to stay productive throughout the day.

2. Divide the home task and office work. Make a target that by or before 9:30 am you will be doing all your house chores and then from 10:00 am till 19:00 you will do just your office work. Even while doing jobs from home you can take short breaks of 15 minutes for snacks or for other home tasks. This division of work and target oriented work will keep you focussed and will not let you detract from your work.

3. The third very important thing, never do your office work while sitting on bed. Because after one hour we become so comfortable and slowly we don’t even realize and start to fall asleep. This laziness affect our work a lot. It will be better if you have a separate table chain and that too near window or balcony so that natural light will not make you sleepy and the sound of birds will keep you awake and active. Fresh air from window or balcony will also keep you healthy and active.

4. Now, when you are working from home, the table on which you work make sure it only occupy the space by the important things. On your working station there should be only a clock, pen stand, few papers and your laptop. There should not be any wrappers of chocolates or chips. Not even your dirty dishes. If you can’t take out proper time for meals and prefer to have it on your work station, you should better avoid that. Try to divide your time properly. Because finally what you need is that, your working place should be neat, without any mess on the desk. So that you can feel as if you are working in office only. It will also help you to concentrate on your working more efficiently.

5. Mostly people can’t stay productive while working from home because their most of the time is exhausted by the kids or by other family members. Well first of all make them realize that even if you are working from home and not going to office regularly, still your jobs and responsibilities towards the office is same. If you have kids and they need your time and attention. Then make them sit with you. Nowadays many online activities are available for kids make them watch that. There are many movies online which are knowledgeable as well as entertaining for kids. Give them coloring books, with attracting and nee pictures. Try they are busy so that you can work peacefully while working from home. Kids are usually the main reason why parents are not able to stay focussed and productive while working from home. You can also do one more trick buy your kid a mini laptop so that they play with that as kids like to copy you so this could also be an option for you.

Well, this is really a bad phase for everyone but also we can not step back from our other responsibilities of office and other things. Stay brave and safe while working from home during this bad time.

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Dimple Kumar


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