How to Make Homemade Pizza in 10 Steps

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By Dimple Kumar on 01 Jun 2017 |
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How to Make Homemade Pizza in 10 Steps

Whether its birthday celebrations, parties or other functions, pizza are the first choice of everyone. It makes your party more interesting and delicious. But some time your friends or cousins come to your home and they demand to make the Pizza at your home. Then but will you do? And you have no option to buy the pizza at outside due to some reason. Don’t worry here we will provide you complete information about the Pizza making at your home with easy ways.

Easy Ways How to Make Pizza at your Home
There is various type of Pizza flavor available in the market. And you can also make the same Pizza at your home. Before making the pizza first you have all the ingredients which would use in pizza;

Ingredients which can use in making the Pizza
There are 3 main ingredients which use in pizza • Flour
• Cheese
• Tomato

How to make the Pizza base
To make the pizza base you should have some important ingredients, below are the lists;
• Plain flour
• Dry yeast
• Olive oil
• Salt as per your taste
• Honey
• Semolina and Cornmeal
• Italian seasoning
• Parmesan cheese
• Feta cheese
• Mushrooms
All ingredients are used in as per the pizza material quantity.

Sauces which used in a pizza to make it spicy
• Tomato puree
• Black pepper powder
• Red pepper flakes
• Garlic

Finest Steps to making the Pizza
• First heat your oven at 220 c for 30 minutes before making the pizza.
• After that, take a large bowl and add the flour/maida, yeast, salt, dried herbs, olive oil, honey or sugar and mix with correctly. Now add some warm water and make dough. After that, check the dough, if it is dry then add some water to make it smooth. Grease the bowl with olive oil and put the dough in the bowl and set in a warm place for 15 minutes.
• Now divided the dough into two equal portions and cover it again with plastic wrap for 5 minutes. This method is very helpful you to roll out a round shape.
• After completing all procedure place a ball of dough and spread in to a flat disk with your hands. Now roll the base and ensure that the edges of the roll are slightly thick.
• Brim of the pizza base with olive oil and spread the pizza sauce all over.
• Add any toppings as per your choice like as caramelized onions, fresh basil leaves, tomato slices, bell pepper julienned, grilled paneer, etc.
• Bake the slide cookie for 12-15 minutes or till the cheese turns golden brown color and pizza base browns along the edges now rest for 3-4 minutes.
Now serve the hot, delicious pizza with pepper powder, tomato sauce, red chili flakes with your family and your dear ones.

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