Know About Lockdown Fourth Phase Guidelines In India

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By Dimple Kumar on 22 May 2020 |
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Know About Lockdown Fourth Phase Guidelines In India

The Center on Sunday expanded the lockdown until May 31 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Before the expiry of the third period of lockdown on eighteenth May, the home minister reported that the country will enter the fourth period of lockdown till 31 May 2020. The Ministry of Home Affairs additionally discharged another set of Lockdown 4.0. guidelines that incorporate "Full list of what is open and what isn't" from 18 May onwards.

Many relaxations were classified and the Center also allowed the states more power with regards to the limitations and furthermore in recognizing the zones. The Center has also permitted interstate travel, subject to assent between the states.

A full List Of What Is Not Allowed During Lockdown 4.0

1. All local and international flights are not permitted to be worked until May 31. Just local medical services, domestic air ambulances allowed by MHA will be permitted during lockdown 4.0

2. All railroads and metro services will stay shut during COVID-19, except special trains like sharmik special or goods carriers will be working during lockdown 4.0

3. Cafes, hospitality services, and lodgings are strictly restricted to sitting arrangements, just home delivery is permitted to work during this period.

4. Schools, universities, colleges and any training institute will stay shut until further notification.

5. Cinema halls, exercise rooms, pools, bars, auditoriums, parks, theatres, and some other gathering places are prohibited. Sports arena or complexes can be open, however simply after the state's endorsement and with no spectators.

6. Political social occasions, religious functions, or academic meetings are strictly prohibited. Marriages can happen yet just with 50 guests and just 20 individuals are permitted in funerals.

A Full List Of What Is Allowed During Lockdown 4.0

1. Movement of products, clinical experts, nurses, sanitation faculty, and ambulances are allowed for both interstate and intrastate.

2. Hotels related to hospitals or health care services which are meant for housing, health, government authorities, police, or health care workers will be permitted to work.

3. Canteens and stalls at transport stations, railroads, and airports are permitted to run however with the minimum staff.

4. Interstate or intrastate movement of transports and vehicles can be permitted distinctly by the state or UTs required by affirming a movement pass.

5. Barber shops, salons will also begin working in non-restricted regions.

6. Severe compliances will be charged in case you prohibit the request for movement between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, except in case of emergency including health problems.

7. Online business sites will be permitted to initiate the delivery of non-essential things. Notwithstanding, online deals will keep on being limited in containment zones.

8. In containment zones, just the fundamental activities will be endorsed and this goes under the state or UTs concern.

9. Restaurants will be permitted to work in their kitchen for home delivery of food things.

Guidelines To Be Ensured In The Workplace During Lockdown 4.0

1. As a work from training is being followed until further notification, be that as it may, a few workplaces are permitted to open including ITs, call centers, and so on however with legitimate rules of 50% staff and appropriate preventive measures. According WHO, life after post lockdown totally will change and time to time, safety precautions tips will provided by the Governments.

2. Thermal scanning of the employees, hand wash, or sanitization at entry doors while entering or leaving and in common areas like canteen ought to be followed carefully.

3. Physical distancing in the workplace will be maintained and frequent purification of the total work environment must be done between the two shifts.

If anybody is found violating these rules will have to confront lawful proceeding as directed in the provisions of Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act 2005 along legal action under section 188.

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