Methods of E Learning

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By Dimple Kumar on 07 Jun 2017 |
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Methods of E Learning

At present various organizations are now transforming their development and learning program to the e-learning domain. But choosing the finest method for their business established on their needs is still a threat. To appoint the right e-learning programs depends upon diverse factors like as target audience analysis, evaluation methods, proper need analysis and task analysis.
The word “method” signify a scientific approach which in relation to the e-learning industry has not invariably been so far. There are numerous differences between learning adults and learning children. Below are the following types of e-learning;

Learning content types
In e-learning there are many content types focused. And all are based on the type of the learners and need analysis. Below are the most common learning content types;

Learner centered content
e-learning curriculum should be specific and relevant to learner’s needs, responsibilities and roles in professional life. This type of content like knowledge, skills and all kind of learning media provided to keep the focal point on learner’s end.

Interactive content
Constant learner interaction is needed to sustain attention and promote learning. And scheme based learning is a good example for learning media.

Alluring content
Techniques and instructional methods should be used creatively to develop an engaging and motivation learning experience. It mainly depends upon developing the storyboard that has to be based on a very attractive way of learning programs.

Self-study and video (to watch)
The courses in simple forms are easy to make the popular e-learning, just make a videotape presentation by an expert. They include as follows;

Video lectures
One of the best method to despite the simplicity of the format. Basically they contain diagrams and illustrations to backing the speech of the lecturer.

Video related to the augmented reality
The lecture video should be more polished and saturated. Also the script includes the interaction of the computer graphics and real world.

Game based learning
This category is also very numerous. But one thing is common in this method that is placing into circumstances fanciful or realistic. And stating the problem that must be solved according to the situational rules. This consists of the following;
1. Software operation simulator is the easiest, which shows how to operate the program. These methods are very prominent for training or specific company software.
2. Another one is process modeling, which is complex business models packaged in online form. In which have game technical or graphics form of charts and numbers. And this task helps to check the understanding of some process by using precise examples and the specified parameters.

Thus, there are various e-learning methods to solve any problems. In case the learning task can be solved by the merger of several methods, you can safely use the entire category, because such combination lacks the technical constraints.

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