Methods of Recording Skype Video Calls

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By Dimple Kumar on 02 Jun 2017 |
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Methods of Recording Skype Video Calls

Are you looking for the finest way to record your Skype video or audio calls? Because it is much helpful to grow your career. Due to the lack of time, budget and distance many people do most of their interviews through Skype. To know about the complete detail, firstly you should know;

What is Skype?
Skype is a wonderful technology in this digital era. It is an IP telephony service provider, which offers free calling between the subscribers. Skype service is available for, notebook, desktop, laptop, tablet computers and mobile devices. Now a days many companies include Skype, produce dedicated Skype phones.

How to Record Your Skype Audio and Video Calls
Here we can share with you some, useful software which can help you to record your video calls;

It is the excellent applications for windows and free to download. These applications concede you to record the Skype calls. According to the website Pamela is certified by Skype. There are some lists of features that it has;
• Record calls automatically
• Video and audio call recording
• Skype chat recording
• Play sounds during the calls
• Stereo/mono recording option

Ecamm Call Recorder
It gives you recording controls in Skype seamlessly. The Ecamm call recorder application works on Mac and it comes with automatic recording features such as MP3 Skype recorder. These apps easily save your recording files on your Mac with date and callers name. The cost of Ecamm software is $19.95 but you can download for free demo. Below are the lists of other features;
• Sharing your recording in MP3 format
• Record your video calls within the picture
• Work on advanced compression technology

It is used for both windows and Mac, which captures and record your calls from Skype. This app saves your files in MP4-AAC format. The other major factors in this app are;
• Share your recorded calls
• Start and stop recording at any time
• Control the output folder location
• Support a new Skype version 5.0
• The control panel of IMcapture is straight forward and easy to use.

DVDVideo Soft
It is the first and free Skype video call recorder in the world. Which record the video calls without any limitation? This app enables the video files into another formats and compatible with media players and popular mobile devices. It is also converts the audio files from one format to another format and helps to infusion the content of the media.

Hope all these tips will help to you record the audio and video calls from Skype.

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