Reform your Websites Design in Few Simple Steps

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By Dimple Kumar on 15 Nov 2016 |
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Reform your Websites Design in Few Simple Steps

Do you want more traffic and no bounce rate on your Website? Do you think that your website have all the features that can highly diminish the bounce rate and make visitors stay longer? Firstly, you must know that making a perfect website demands everything to be spontaneous, not overly cluttered or complicated. If you are not sure about the design of your website, take a look at following beneficial hints to upgrade your website’s design:

• Webpages must load faster: The graphics part of the website is a noteworthy area that ensures the loading time of a webpage and thus ensures the likeliness of the webpage by the end users. The users want the pages to load quickly and so there is the need for the webpages to be set up with light weight php support or CSS programs. The Web design plays a great role here and their role safeguards the traffic on the Website, which is indirectly the need for the website.

• Web content and keywords: Another important aspect of a website is its content part. The search engines search for a resourceful content that goes well with the site name and site description. To let search engine know the effectiveness of the website, there must be good content and there must be use of relevant keywords to make them recognize the site’s relevancy. So, the management of content and the analysis of keywords is a big area to look at for better search engine ranking.

• Ensure easy and simple to follow navigation: While developing site map, keep in mind to make it simple and intuitive. Select the name of the page sensibly and ensure that the sub navigation relates to its main navigation choice. But, if you have a bigger site map, then you should consider creating a utility navigation, which is a smaller navigation bar found at the top right of some websites. It is used to avoid the profusion on the main navigation bar.

• Use the colors strategically: Always use neutral color, as it will help your site project elegant, modern and clean look.

• Keep your logo at the top: Select a logo that is appropriate for your site and place it at the top left corner of your web page. Logo is important, as visitors will correlate your name with the content of your website. Also, the logo serves as a direct link to the homepage. You can also contact with Logo Designers for your website.

• Select fonts that are easy to read across browsers and devices: Consider fonts carefully, because people will visit your website from multiple devices (mobile, laptops, tabs, etc.). Smaller fonts can easily be read on a computer, but cannot rule well on mobiles.

• Seeing every webpage as a landing page: Each page of your website represents some important aspect of your services. So, it should be designed perfectly, and enclose important information to bring an esthetically appealing layout.

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Dimple Kumar


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Abhishek Dwivedi

SEO is an essential part of your online presence. Using the right SEO techniques can increase the ranking and visibility of your website. If your business is somewhere near the top of the search results, then more users will click on your page and see what your product or service is all about. So, how can you make your Web design SEO-friendly to position yourself higher on search result pages? You need to make sure that the URL of your site is SEO-friendly. Only use keywords that are relevant to your business and relate to it in some way. Avoid using long URLs, and if possible separate terms using hyphens. The URL should give people an idea about your business. You can use like:

06 Apr 2017

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