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By Rupinder Chandel on 08 May 2015 |
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TIME TO PONDER Life is the most precious gift bestowed to all the creatures on this planet.
Do we ever wonder, What is the purpose of this life ?
Some said, life has no specific purpose, others said, it is just a cycle of nature and so on.
Different people have different opinions and I opine - the primary or sole purpose of life is SURVIVAL
What is the point of eating, drinking ? It is SURVIVAL

Also, the essence of process of evolution is: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST,
which is the ability of an organism to cope with an everchanging environment, to survive. If an organism fails to do so, its species will eliminate. This is the law of nature.
Thus, first comes Survival, then comes competing, working hard, playing, dancing and forth on.
Among all the animals or other living creatures, We, The humans are born with the most insightful and complicated brain. Only we can utilize our rational mind to achieve a higher degree of survival or security.
Though, this intelligence rendered us the power to rule over other species and be the dominant of all.
But, with this intelligence we got an option to harm ourselves, which means
Most of us, ignorantly or deliberately harm ourselves by choosing imprudently, or, by falling prey to bad habits like smoking, consuming liquor , over exerting our body.
Human body is an Astounding Machine, it should be taken care of. We should feed it with wholesome and nourishing food.
And instead of appreciating this incredible machine, what we generally do is, expose it to stress.
We are running a rat race after money and this thirst never gets quenched . So why does the thirst for health gets satiated when we reach a standard form of health ( which we call normal health). Why can't we think beyond it, where lies the highest degree of health attainable. i.e. The Vibrant Health ?
Why do we keep denying ourselves the chance to feel energetic, alive, balanced, happy and healthy?
Why to become desensitize to pain or suffering caused by a diseased body and not to try to prevent the occurrence of that phase?
Think about it, the answer to all these questions lie with no one else , but you.
Don't you feel like living this life to the fullest?
We only live once, so should aim to make the most out of it. This is only possible, if we possess a sound body, mind, spirit and emotions.
Now, is the time to ponder over all the aspects of life, think over the fact if you are really healthy, if you are leading a happy as well as a meaningful life and try to rate your health on the scale of zero to ten, and evaluate your health.
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Why to live this life just for the heck of living it. What is the point of living a meaningless life. Remember! A happy life is different from a meaningful one.
Aim should be to make this life vivid and fill it with all sorts of happiness. Also, to add a meaning to our life. After all, We are the Homo Sapiens, the dominant species of all.

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Rupinder Chandel


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