Top 10 AI Chatbot Apps In 2020 For Startups

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By Diksha Bhardwaj on 13 Oct 2020 |
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Top 10 AI Chatbot Apps In 2020 For Startups

A Chatbot is an exceptional computer program utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) which directs a conversation with individuals, either through auditory or text input. Software engineers design Chatbot applications to practically reproduce how people talk as conversational accomplices. Brands progressively utilizing AI Chatbot apps to communicate with their clients and market their products. There is a wide range of AI Chatbot tools available to assist brands to assist them with attract and retain clients.

These AI technology platforms typically contain tools to assist you with create and customize reasonable AI Chatbot for your client base. With their capacity to direct clients through the marketing funnel, keep individuals engaged after sales at the same time adding personality to an organization's image. AI Chatbots apps are also increasing the value of brands through content marketing. These Chatbot apps make more customized experiences for clients by providing responses and content to the client’s queries and interests, which helps notoriety the executives. They are additionally modest and can work around the clock without requiring human intervention. In this article we will discuss with you top Chatbot Apps and AI technology for startups. Have a look!

Top AI Chatbot Apps That Will Take 2020 By A New Level

1. Duolingo (Your Language Tutor Chatbot)
Duolingo is one of the most famous language applications in the world. Consistently, Duolingo teaches millions of individuals hundreds of new dialects, words, and phrases. If you've ever attempted to get familiar with another dialect, you know it's much simpler when you have somebody you can talk with in that language. So Duolingo joined the revolution, by building an AI Chatbot messenger.

2. Swelly (AI Messenger App)
Swelly is designed to be your own web surveyor. Utilizing Swelly’s AI Chatbot features, you share your thoughts with a worldwide community and through this AI technology you will get feedback on your own inquiries within seconds.

3. Lark (Your disease prevention platform)
Lark is one of the most widely praised Chatbot applications around. The world popular search engine Google has termed it “the excellent AI Chatbot (Artificial Intelligence) of 2016”. Business analyst says it's one of the “Optimal 10 Most Innovative Organizations in the World”. Fortis delegated it the “Most Innovative Digital Health Product of the Year”. Lark's primary offering are training, prevention program, and disease management.

4. Prisma (AI Photo-editing App)
Prisma was one of the top startups Chatbot applications champions of 2016. Downloaded more than 50+ million times, Prisma utilized AI technology to boost business sales and provide a clear vision to comprehend the level of business strategy. The Prisma AI Chatbot app intends to deliver a similar experience as the application, conversationally.

5. Donotpay (AI Robot Lawyer)
Undoubtedly one of the most notable Chatbot apps is DonotPay. Develop by a student named Joshua Browder, Donotpay is an AI Chatbot app that assists you litigate without the assistance of legal counsellors. DonotPay also helps you save money across the board. You don't need to hire a costly legal counsellor for litigation and your essential lawful rights are as yet kept up.

6. Digit (An AI bank Chatbot App)
Digit helps its clients save tiny amounts in the quest for bigger objectives. Digit automatically transfers funds from checking to saving funds every few days in amounts. The amount is controlled by its calculations that computes how much an individual can manage. This Chatbot app takes a small amount out each week, so you don't need to keep active track.

7. Chatmate (Most powerful App to use WhatsApp on your Mac)
ChatMate is an AI Chatbot builder platform that can assist you come to your site with users attending. ChatMate could be the Startup capital be it any basic information or question. They empower inconvenience free availability to your clients through text, or voice client experience, with an enabling help approach.

8. Andy (A Chatbot App that teaches you English)
Andy is one of the best AI Chatbot apps that aims to teach you English. Available on Google Play Store. With Andy, you can chat, learn new words and play language games. You can also rehearse casual everyday interactions like exchanging greetings, discussing the climate, and asking and answering inquiries about yourself.

9. Healthtap (An AL powered doctor ChatApp)
HealthTap is on a mission to make admittance to health care information and resources simpler for everybody, both individually and in the workplace. Healthtap's AI Chatbot functions as your initial step diagnostic channel. Essentially a type in your symptoms and conditions, and the bot will utilize its enormous database to provide you customized resources.

10. Pandorabots (Web Hosting App)
Pandorabots is one of the oldest and biggest AI Chatbot web hosting services in the world. On this platform there are more than 300,000 Chatbot applications have been developed, including the broadly acclaimed Mitsuku Chatbot. This platform supports an open standard language called AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) and while it's simple to utilize for those individuals who don't have a programming background.

The future is fueled by artificial intelligence, mobile app development and AI Chatbots are essential for this overwhelming change. We will see unquestionably more developments in this space in the coming years. Invest in startups like Marketing and Advertising is without a doubt the future at large extent, regardless of which industry you work in.

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