Top 10 Reasons To Study In Australia

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By Anu Thakur on 15 Apr 2022 |
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Top 10 Reasons To Study In Australia

Studying abroad demands a lot of preparation and finances to cover living and tuition expenses as you stay abroad and study. Selecting Australia as your final study destination is a good choice because Australia is very welcoming to international students and is a top destination for obtaining higher education.

It is a dynamic and multicultural country with friendly and energetic people. Here, we will share some important points you would enjoy as a student if you choose to study further and live in Australia as an international student. Have a look!

Top Reasons Why You Ought To Study In Australia

1. Top Quality Institutions
Australia is well-known for its optimal quality education, and it is the best place to study either undergraduate programs or postgraduate studies. Australia is the land of around 43 best universities, all of which are highly equipped with top-quality education and lecturers who are ready to educate and impact knowledge. Amongst them, The University of Melbourne and Sydney have made global ranks worldwide, producing excellent and world-class graduates.

2. Working Right For Students
Not all countries of the world permit their international students and visitors to work during their studies, but Australia makes a privilege to this theory, and the country permits up to 40 hours per fortnight during a study session and extra hours when school is closed, for its valuable students to work while they study to backing their study and living expenses. A few Australian universities also offer small job opportunities and internships to students to gain working experience and get paid.

3. Support To International Students
Most universities in Australia have their Support Unit for international students. They assist them with their queries and the direction required. There are usual orientation and preparation programs to help students. There are English language courses also for students who want to upgrade their language skills. Additionally, there are student clubs and groups to join for the students.

4. No Language Barrier
In Australia, the national language is English, making communication very easy, especially when you are a student from an English-speaking country. The university syllabus materials in Australia are all taught in the English language, so you have no worry about a language barrier and do not have to begin learning the country's language first before you commence your study. Apart from these, there are other 26 local Australian languages that you can gain if you choose to, as you communicate with the locals and explore the communities.

5. Easy Student Visa
Gaining a student visa to study in Australia is easy and fast because they have professional and reputed visa agents that you can contact to fasten your visa application process. Upon allowing you a visa, as an international student, you require a health insurance policy that will cover your health issues during your course of study and also have good economic value. Whether in the forms of your personal funds, scholarships, and grants, which would be able to backing your living and schooling expenses during your years of study.

6. Cost Of Living
Australia might not be the cheapest choice for studying abroad; in fact, it is quite the opposite. Still, compared to other destinations like the USA and UK, Australia is quite affordable considering the quality of education it offers. Also, the courses are shorter, so the courses fees are needed to be paid for the smaller number of semesters.

7. Cultural Diversity
Australia is a land of diversity, and so as an international student, you are allowed to enjoy the new cultural lifestyles. The food varieties here are also delicious, and there are tons of varied and new cuisines to try out as your study. Many international festivals are held in Australia and make you come out of your comfort zone of things you are habituated to and know new things.

8. Spectacular Landscape
Australia is a fantastic blend of breathtaking rainforests, deserts, sandy beaches, world heritage sites, and inspiring landmarks; the Pacific and Indian oceans surrounding it. It is land to over 10,685 beaches, over 500 national parks, and a massive 8,222 islands. Enjoy the amazing snorkeling and scuba diving around the Great Barrier Reef.

9. Wildlife
Australia is home to a few rare and diverse wildlife animals from around the world, such as; Koalas, Kangaroos, Quokka, and others. You would enjoy your stay in the country because you can walk around, interact with the locals, and experience nature at its peak.

10. Global Recognition
Any course or training program undertaken by students from any Australian university is highly valued by organizations and other educational institutes across the globe. These courses are covered by the AQF (Australian Qualification Framework), a system of learning authorized by the Australian government.

Along with these reasons, there are many other reasons why Indian students choose to study in Australia- a vast number of universities to choose from and a choice of the city to study in. Students can make their preferences depending on their interests and inclination.

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