Top 5 Benefits To Perform Tulsi Vivah At Home

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By Anu Thakur on 11 Nov 2021 |
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Top 5 Benefits To Perform Tulsi Vivah At Home

Tulsi Vivah is the Hindu ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant with the Lord Vishnu on Karthik Poornima, mainly in the time of November. The ceremonial marriage of Tulsi commonly takes place on the 11th or 12th of the lunar day, this year the Tulsi Vivah is being celebrated on 15 November 2021. On this day individuals decorate and worship the Tulsi plant and furthermore do fast until evening.

The Tulsi plant is enriched with marigold and sugarcane prior to offering petitions and seeking for blessings from the Holy basil plant. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped as Tulsi to reestablish faith in happy occasions and to avoid any sort of negativity. The Tulsi or sacred basil is viewed as holy by the Hindu religion and is a genuinely normal plant in all the Indian houses. Yet, did you know that the plant additionally has some amazing properties gainful for us in various ways. Following is a rundown of the advantages to perform Tulsi Vivah at home, others, you can go to the plant for any sort of cure as indicated by your necessities. Have a Look!

Benefits Of Having Tulsi Maadam/Vivah At Home
For performing the Tulsi Vivah function, a Tulsi Vrindavan or Tulsi Maadam should be set at home. The Tulsi plant is grows in the mud inside a Cuboid brick or concrete design, called the Tulsi Maadam. Daily worship of the Holy Tulsi plant is said to bring good karma and Moksha through the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Generally the Tulsi plant is entrusted with the care of the ladies in the family. Each day, after a ritualistic shower, the ladies draw basic Rangoli at the base of the Maadam, then offer fruits & flowers and circumambulate it, while chanting mantras.

A Diyas is placed at the base of the Maadam on the east side of the Rangoli. In Hindu culture, the advantages of Tulsi plant are various. As well as being a valuable medicinal herb, Tulsi plant is worshipped across India for its sacred vibrations. As indicated by a report, an individual who just sees the Tulsi plant flourishing gets rid of all nasty karma. The Puranas further expresses that Lord Krishna is glad to stay in a house where Tulsi Devi is present. Apart from the deep spiritual importance of the Tulsi plant, it has several health benefits like;

1. The presence of the Holy Tulsi Plant keeps away mosquitoes and other harmful insects from the home.

2. The fresh fragrance of the Tulsi plant is invigorating and refreshing, especially when inhaled in the morning. And it is much better for the lungs.

3. The Tulsi plant absorbs quickly the toxins and harmful gases from the air and gives out fresh oxygen for 20 hours.

4. Tulsi leaves are also helpful of formation and preventing Kidney stones.

5. The Tulsi leaves are very helpful for fighting the symptoms of common cold, and also can purify the blood which is very helpful to control cholesterol.

More Health Benefits Of Tulsi

Improving digestion process
Relieving pain in the joint
Maintaining dental health
Reducing stress level
Treating mouth ulcers
Curing gastrointestinal problems
Boost immunity
Maintaining lower and high blood pressure

Above are the benefits of having a Tulsi plant at home. You can also eat Tulsi leaves each day by boiling 2 to 3 of them beginning of the day. Swallow the basil leaves after boiling by making a healthy or herbal tea out of them. In case if you are eating Tulsi leaves raw, ensure its organic and chew them well. If you would rather not chew or drink, your third choice is to utilize a powdered version of this herb which is known to be more healthfully.

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Amazing Post. I always read your blog post, when you post something new. Great information!

13 Nov 2021

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