Top android apps

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By Dimple Kumar on 06 Jun 2017 |
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Top android apps

Are you thinking about get a new android phone or tablet at this festive season? Whether you have an old phone at android or a complete beginner. To find the best apps on the play store can be a challenge. Here we will help you to pick the right apps, which make your android phone hardware shine.

Amazing android apps which make your phone more powerful and interesting
To search for the leading android apps is daunting. If you need a great weather app or a new browser, there are ever dozens available. Below is the finest android apps list;

Avast Antivirus and Security
It is one of the powerful antivirus apps which keep your mobile safe from AV protection.

Clean Master
Everyone wants their handset working with fast and smooth. Nobody like having a slow device, clean master app is clear the junk file, unwanted cache and residual files from your mobile and make it faster.

This is one of the wonderful methods which can improve your device battery life.

It is the world’s most popular messaging apps and first choice for any smartphone. In whatsapp you can make or send video clips, voice calls, picture or text messages.

In google play store there are plenty of weather apps available, but Morecast is current favorite weather apps here. Because in these apps have one of the best looking interfaces with a clean and sensible layout. At present it is also one of the most advanced apps for its special featuring like as you can see side by side weather comparison for two cities with accurate information.

Camera 360
Finest image editing app for android, in this app has everything which you have required to edit your photos.

Cloud Magic
One of the leading android apps ever. In this app you create a cloud magic account and then you can log into your all email addresses.

Opera Max
Wonderful app and take control of your data. This app down the size of images speeds up website load times, videos and commonly save your general data use.

If you found any article as per your choice and due to lack of time, you want to read it later. And another reason you don’t have any internet connection. Then Pocket app is the amazing solution for your problem. It allows you to save the videos, articles to watch and read later in any pocket enabled device. This app is the perfect diversion for flights, train trips in signal black holes.

If you don’t have a mobile data plan and you want to use WiFi as much as possible. Then WifiMapper is the perfect key to your problem.

Next Lock Screen
One of the best things in this app is finger print scanning. Which provide your phone smart lock settings and smart lock contacts and that let you configure how you unlock your device? And the most important, location sensitive wallpaper that automatically change where you are.

Cine Browser
Amazing app specifically for heavy video websites. Cine browser plays videos in floating window and you can browse and watch at the same time.

It is a new app from google that asks users to transcript and translate, text or images.

Disney Mix
This is a new messaging application for kids. In which they can message their friends and challenge them to the handful of built in games. And along with they send hundreds of Disney themed memes. At present Disney mix cannot support video and image sharing, but this feature coming in future updates.

Google Maps and Waze
This is the perfect android apps always. Google maps grant you access to places of interest and traffic data. And if you add the Waze experience, which includes multiple of its own features. Waze is the world’s largest navigation app and community based traffic.

In this month Instagram received massive update. Stories is a new feature add in this app. Now you can take a photo, record a video and also draw and overwrite it into your stories. Within 24 hours your story will be visible to your followers.

Helpful to make your selfies into art. Its amazing features make your photographs into rare modern art.

Hope all this information will help you to find the optimum mobile applications to your phone.

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